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3 Rising Trends in Healthcare Technology enabled by Gigabit Connectivity

June 24, 2022
Acacia Henry
Gigabit Ultra Reliable Full Fibre Broadband

The Internet is evolving and constantly helps the healthcare industry improve in many ways. It is now a more valuable resource for practitioners.

End-to-end practices from learning, treating, and maintaining patients’ health are being elevated with the support of a reliable internet connection.

Healthcare technology advances enabled by Gigabit speeds could significantly improve patients’ lives and save thousands of pounds per person per year. It continues to attract massive investment, helping the industry improve health equity worldwide by making it more accessible, scalable, and equitable. 

Here are the latest 3 healthcare technologies that you should be aware of:

Xenobots Programmable Living Robot 

These tiny hair-like structures’ controllable technology can be used for specific medical purposes and manipulations. They can transform into multiple shapes and move in different ways, making it easier to assess the human body. 

There’s no genetic material on them, so they can’t mutate or evolve on their own which means they are safe for the human body. 

In the long term, this technology can support the healthcare industry with regenerative medicine, such as finding suspicious cells or piling things in the human body. 

Xenobots are definitely a revolutionary invention in healthcare technology. The hospital just needs to make sure to have ultra-fast and ultra-reliable internet access with 100% SLA and dedicated bandwidth.

3D Printed Smart Implants 

The 3D printing opportunities in the healthcare industry are expected to exceed $6 billion by 2027. These bio-compatible implants can be more time and cost-effective.

They are also capable of replicating fully functional mechanical organs which are expected to work better, match better and last longer. 

With the latest Gigabit connectivity that is offering speeds up to 10Gbps, such technology will be brilliant! It makes it more reliable and accessible for a wider spectrum of patients. There’s still a long way to go, but the future of this technology seems to be truly amazing.

Virtual-Reality Therapy 

A gamified approach to therapy can be more entertaining compared to a traditional one. Together with doctors, physicians and therapists, multiple VR training exercises tailor up exercise to fits patients’ therapeutic needs.

These methods have been proven to be effective as they increase patient engagement during the session. All it needs is Gigabit connectivity with low latency so it can re-create and virtually inhabit digital environments based on required conditions.

There are few cases with this VR technology, such as Bravemind for their PTSD treatment, Virtually Better for their anxiety and depression, and Neuro Rehab VR for their dysfunctional-body treatment.

As the technology become more affordable, it will be more and more widely adopted while more immersive technologies come to the forefront. 

Gigabit internet connectivity makes it easier for healthcare industries to elevate their services – enabling healthcare professionals to be more innovative and fearless in exploring any future invention.

All these emerging technologies in healthcare become more popular and will soon take over the healthcare industry. Needless to say, companies need reliable Gigabit connectivity who will bring the future into the present by facilitating these most massive solutions in the healthcare industry.

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