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Author: Dom Taylor

What are Gigabit Cities?

CityFibre are working toward igniting the digital revolution that would see all homes, businesses and schools operating with Gigabit internet connections, changing the way we all live.

This requires great nationwide transformation, and more UK cities are receiving their Gigabit status as CityFibre builds their pure-fibre network across the country.

Underneath the streets of Gigabit Cities in the midlands, like Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and Cambridge, miles of fibre optic cables now deliver pure fibre network speeds and unlimited bandwidth directly to the premises of the cities’ inhabitants.

The speeds revolutionise a region’s efficiency as a whole and facilitate economic growth. CityFibre’s £4bn project to roll out FTTP Gigabit broadband plans to reach 8 million households by 2025.

For cities like Leicester and Nottingham, this investment has enabled digital growth that has pushed them to become hotspots for tech start-ups.

SMEs across the region can take advantage of speeds able to give them the edge over competitors in different parts of the country, whilst large companies are flocking toward Gigabit cities like these when building their headquarters.

The economic impact of CityFibre’s 26 city rollout could reportedly exceed £16.3bn, and the new digital infrastructure could create over 115,000 indirect jobs.

As well as financial opportunities, Gigabit cities also facilitate citywide social and leisure development, putting ultrafast, reliable internet in homes fit for flawless gaming and unprecedented upload and download capacity.

Gigabit networks are the future, and Gigabit cities allow the opportunity for innovative future planning. As digital technologies continue to evolve rapidly, in the information age we’re living in, Gigabit cities can adapt and create faster than ever.

Ultimately, access to the internet is increasingly considered as a human right, and CityFibre’s Gigabit cities push the UK forward in to a future that allows all citizens to not be hindered by slow, inconsistent internet connections.

What is a CityFibre City Champion?

CityFibre, the leading alternative broadband provider, are on a mission to build a truly digital Britain. To do this, a range of partners across the country work toward bringing pure-fibre, ultrafast internet access to the Gigabit-enabled cities.

CityFibre aims to bring 1Gbps internet access to 8 million homes by 2025. Gigabit speeds will change the way that we live, and Gigabit Networks’ partnership with CityFibre helps achieve our collective mission of pure-fibre digital infrastructure.

The City Champion programme, launched by CityFibre in September 2019, enables companies like Gigabit Networks to use their local knowledge and technical expertise to provide pure-fibre direct internet access to homes and business in the midlands.

This city-focused strategy attracts new customers through various funnels and cultivates not only business growth, but the growth of industry-wide knowledge and innovation.

Reliable FTTP and leased line solutions are implemented by Gigabit Networks across Leicester, Cambridge, Nottingham and Derby, with the help of CityFibre’s range of sales and marketing support.

Increased resources and a more efficient implementation process helps CityFibre collaborate with Gigabit Networks to develop the aforementioned Gigabit Cities across the midlands.

The City Champion partnership has brought unprecedented internet speeds to local homes and businesses, and CityFibre investment and proactive support has pushed the midlands further toward pure-fibre, Gigabit connectivity.

To begin your journey towards reliable, pure-fibre Gigabit internet access, contact Gigabit Networks today.

Is Ethernet Flex the ultrafast broadband solution for those working from home?

Half of the UK population worked from home in April as the fight for greater bandwidth skyrocketed over lockdown.

The average UK broadband speed hit 64 mbps in May. And just 3% of households are reaching speeds of 300mbps+.

This disparity has led to consumers desperate to improve their internet speeds and get reliable pure-fibre internet into their home.

BT, for example, report a near-70% increase in customers switching to pure-fibre internet throughout the lockdown period.

As the working-from-home revolution plateaus and most return to the office on a part-time basis, many will be looking for broadband that offers gigabit speeds without the extortionate price tag.

Gigabit Networks’ Ethernet Flex package – available across Leicester, Cambridge, Peterborough, Coventry, Nottingham and Derby – achieves just that. The pure-fibre solution promises a 200mbps connection, with the ability to upgrade in bursts to 1gbps.

The package came from the increasing need for flexibility – 200mbps is capable of keeping a household running smoothly and the gigabit bursts give those working from home the option to get the most out of their connection when necessary.

The connection boasts a 36 month SLA with 24/7 support and up to £2500 installation costs.

For those looking for pure-fibre broadband and spending 2 or 3 days in a home office, Ethernet Flex provides the best of both worlds – affordable, reliable FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) cabling capable of gigabit speeds.

To enquire about a pure-fibre Ethernet Flex connection for your home in Leicester, Cambridge, Nottingham and Derby, click here and contact Gigabit Networks today.

Time for fibre? UK slows to 47th place in global broadband speed race

Following the most recent instalment of the “worldwide broadband speed league”, it was found the UK is now the 47th fastest country in the world for average broadband speed.

This is disappointing news for UK consumers and businesses anxious to upgrade to reliable purel-fibre internet in the pursuit of gigabit speeds.

As CityFibre City Champion for Leicester, Nottingham, Cambridge, Derby, Coventry and Peterborough, Gigabit Networks aims to push the Midlands – and the UK as a whole – forward into the next generation of internet connectivity.

Just over 10% of UK households have access to pure-fibre broadband, which is the eight worst in Western Europe. This lack of accessibility hinders the social and economic growth of thriving regions such as the East Midlands.

The report outlines that the UK’s failings have been in comparatively late network rollouts, which is “causing it to stagnate while other nations gain ground”.

The data is frustrating for UK businesses wanting but unable to access gigabit internet. Many business premises would greatly benefit from 1Gbps speeds, and regional investment is pivotal to consistent productivity.

This is seen through the recent announcement that 83 GP surgeries are receiving government investment for fibre optic upgrades to bring them up to gigabit speeds.

There is no doubt that through more similar projects, much of the UK will realise the benefits of gigabit internet connectivity.

As many are left wanting to improve their poor internet speeds, to keep up with European competitors and enhance their internet experience at home, those able to can look toward Ethernet Flex.

Those with the pure fibre Ethernet Flex package are promised 200mbps speeds, with the ability to upgrade in boosts to a guaranteed gigabit connection.

The £249 per month deal comes with 36 months SLA with 24/7 support, and up to £2,500 installation costs.

With much of the UK now looking at options to upgrade their internet, and pure fibre network rollouts slowly but surely expanding CityFibre’s midlands reach, Ethernet Flex is the next step in pushing the UK’s average broadband speed forward and up the global rankings.

Contact Gigabit Networks here to enquire about your Ethernet Flex package.

Up your global game: Compete faster with gigabit Ethernet Flex…

Ten countries have now made FTTP broadband available to at least 95% of their homes. The United Kingdom is trailing behind, but the rapid construction of digital infrastructure – and more affordable, flexible packages – is making gigabit internet a reality for many here.

The UK has gone from 1% coverage in 2012 to nearly 15% midway through 2020. Key pure fibre deployment has been ramping up significantly the past few years, with much of the construction coming from alternative providers like CityFibre.

As a CityFibre City Champion for Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Cambridge, Coventry and Peterborough, Gigabit Networks are part of this race to keep the Midlands – and the UK – on the heels of these leading countries.

For businesses with international competition, the idea of foreign competitors operating at gigabit speeds on a more reliable internet connection may be worrying. The international economic impact of a UK running on ultrafast broadband is impossible to calculate but shouldn’t be understated.

The appeal of pure-fibre gigabit internet can often be made relative to downloading a film, for example. Countries like Singapore see productivity potential, however. Singapore is now the first FTTP-only fixed broadband market in the world. This has and will continue to create infrastructure-related jobs, improve commercial productivity and makes remote working easier than ever.

The UK’s objective of nationwide gigabit broadband by 2025 may have softened, but the speed of this government push is more vital than ever, with economic recession and a changing work culture clearly shaping the near future.

Right now, companies able to access gigabit speeds will understand the impact pure fibre broadband can bring but are likely unable to pay the prices for gigabit plans at the top of the UK’s capabilities.

The stopgap between now and 2025 is Gigabit Networks’ Ethernet Flex package.

At only £249.99 a month, the plan is shaped around affordability and flexibility. Ethernet Flex provides speeds of 200mbps, with the ability to upgrade in bursts to 1gbps speeds.

Your premises and workforce will improve their productivity at 200mbps and when times of upturn increase demand for upload and download speeds, the option is there.

The deal also boasts 36 months SLA with 24/7 support and up to £2,500 installation costs. Gigabit Networks understands the need for ultrafast, reliable internet in UK businesses and is here to push you forward into the next generation of internet connectivity.

So, as the UK works tooth and nail to close the gap between them and much of the developed world, make sure your business isn’t left behind.

Check your business’ gigabit availability, and contact Gigabit Networks to discuss the package that is right for you.

Gigabit Networks is looking for partners

Are you an IT provider hoping to get your clients what they need? Are your clients looking for faster internet speeds?

As CityFibre’s City Champion in Leicester, Derby, Cambridge and Nottingham, Gigabit Networks’ mission is to help local businesses in the midlands improve their connectivity.

The Midlands’ digital transformation is well underway, with £4 billion of CityFibre investment going toward the UK’s digital infrastructure. Over 26% of the UK are able to access a gigabit connection and this is only going to jump, due to more major government funding.

Our pure fibre products, which provide ultrafast, reliable internet directly to homes and premises, are making gigabit speeds a reality in this region. Our prices aim to make it affordable, with plans starting at £249 per month, excluding VAT.

We are looking for local IT and service providers to take part in our partnership programme, to get the fastest internet connection available direct to your clients’ premises.

The programme offers your customers our award-winning Ethernet Flex service, with guarenteed 200mbps bandwidth both ways and bursts up to 1gbps when it’s needed, at no extra cost. This is up to 99% faster than traditional copper connections.

Gigabit internet speeds could revolutionise the way that your clients operate. Being a partner means unlocking new opportunities for your clients, as well as long-term monthly revenue for your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about our pure fibre products or want a chat about our partnership programme and how it works, contact Gigabit Networks today.

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