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Avoid the big slowdown when you get back to work

June 23, 2020
Gigabit Ultra Reliable Full Fibre Broadband

faster with gigabit networks

Get faster with Gigabit Networks.

With the increased demand for bandwidth now so many more people are working remotely, it’s crucial to think about future proofing your business with better internet speeds.

Zoom calls, big media files and even streaming at home cause huge uplift in bandwidth requirements.

Gigabit Networks is here to help companies get back to work – only faster than before. As a CityFibre City Champion, we have some of the best ultrafast fibre products made for small and medium businesses.

We want the Midlands to be the fastest, most productive region of the UK.

Copper connections slow you down.

We’re so proud to have be serving the Midlands with pure fibre connections.

For anyone experiencing slow broadband, it’s important to know the difference between pure fibre connections (100% great fibre and fast speed) and partial fibre connections – where some of your network is made of copper.

CityFibre – our partner – has just spent £4bn on its UK-wide fibre network to overtake the current speeds available in many underserved regions.

Why not see what’s available to you today?

Check out our 4/5G back up and flexible installation packages too.

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Our mission is to deliver the fastest, high-grade internet available to turbocharge UK businesses.