Black Friday: 20% off Pure Fibre


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Is Your Business Fit for Game-Changing Internet Access with 20% Off?

Ethernet Flex is our game-changing internet service for SME Businesses.

Our award-winning connection is pure fibre, meaning you get the fastest, most reliable internet connection available today.

From only £199 a month for the first 12 months with our Black Friday offer, you will experience speeds of up to 1Gbps when you need it most, that's up to 50 times faster than standard broadband.

Ethernet Flex guarantees a minimum speed of 200Mbps with extremely low latency which makes it a must-have for any modern business moving to the cloud.

Gigabit speeds are becoming more and more common up and down the UK, with our partner CityFibre investing millions into the economy to achieve widespread availability for all SMEs.

Why not fill in the form to check whether your businesses can get Gigabit Networks' game-changing Ethernet Flex, with 20% off this November for Black Friday.

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