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Looking for PureFibre in your home?

Do More with PureFibre

UK cities are are soon to be some of the best digitally connected areas on the planet as CityFibre invests £4bn in the PureFibre network across the country. We champion Gigabit in the Midlands, but you can talk to us about getting Gigabit across the UK.

The network will provide lightning-fast and more reliable digital connections to everyone and everything – from your family at home, to your children at school, your workplace and even traffic lights and CCTV cameras.

See if you can get game-changing Gigabit PureFibre in your premises and future-proof your connection by filling out our form.


The Gigabit Networks Difference

10x Faster Internet Connections

1Gbps download & upload speeds – upgradable up to 10Gbps

More Reliable –
99.95% Uptime

Modern, purpose-built connections, more reliable than hybrid-fibre

Boost Employee Productivity

No more buffering, clunky zoom calls or long wait times

Guaranteed 6-Hour
Fix Times

With 24/7/365 customer support from our friendly team of Gigabit experts

Affordable for All Business Budgets

Price points and packages to suit any-sized business and budget


More Than 40 Years’ Experience In Telecoms

We only provide PureFibre business class internet connectivity at prices affordable to small businesses.

If you’re a service provider, see how our services could support your clients. Contact us today.

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