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Don’t sleep walk into a speed limit – check “up-to” vs “guaranteed”

It’s easy to sign away your internet speed rights. Research shows that 91% of the broadband market is supplied and represented by the 5 largest ISPs by market share

But when you check the fine print of some of the big brand internet products, you’d be shocked what people sign up to. 

Consumers spend as little as 11 minutes a day making purchase decisions, which is unlikely to be enough time to decipher the jargon.

Speeds of “up-to”

Take the difference between “up-to” and “guaranteed” internet speeds – “up-to” is used to describe the maximum speed of an internet service, so it’s likely you won’t be hitting that for a portion of your connection. 

One example of a real broadband product that does this offers businesses download speeds of “up to 350mbps”. But when you look at the fine print, it shows the minimum download and upload you will receive is actually half of the advertised speeds – 175mbps download and 7mbps upload.

Sneaky. And perhaps one of the reasons the UK comes 47th in the ranking of broadband speeds worldwide.


Guaranteed speeds 

Gigabit Networks differs in this respect by instead offering you a minimum speed for ethernet products which is guaranteed at all times, even during peak internet usage hours. 

For example, our most popular product “Ethernet Flex” guarantees your business a minimum speed of 200mbps both ways (upload and download). With this product you also get the option to boost your speed when you need it the most for no extra cost, to 1Gbps.

That is the Gigabit Networks pure-fibre difference. 


When choosing an ISP, you get what you pay for and we recommend you carefully read the terms and conditions and fully understand what you’re receiving of your internet product before you purchase.

To see if your business premises can access the game-changing Ethernet Flex from Gigabit Networks (with no hidden T’s and C’s on internet speed), click here


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Is Ethernet Flex the ultrafast broadband solution for those working from home?

Half of the UK population worked from home in April as the fight for greater bandwidth skyrocketed over lockdown.

The average UK broadband speed hit 64 mbps in May. And just 3% of households are reaching speeds of 300mbps+.

This disparity has led to consumers desperate to improve their internet speeds and get reliable pure-fibre internet into their home.

BT, for example, report a near-70% increase in customers switching to pure-fibre internet throughout the lockdown period.

As the working-from-home revolution plateaus and most return to the office on a part-time basis, many will be looking for broadband that offers gigabit speeds without the extortionate price tag.

Gigabit Networks’ Ethernet Flex package – available across Leicester, Cambridge, Peterborough, Coventry, Nottingham and Derby – achieves just that. The pure-fibre solution promises a 200mbps connection, with the ability to upgrade in bursts to 1gbps.

The package came from the increasing need for flexibility – 200mbps is capable of keeping a household running smoothly and the gigabit bursts give those working from home the option to get the most out of their connection when necessary.

The connection boasts a 36 month SLA with 24/7 support and up to £2500 installation costs.

For those looking for pure-fibre broadband and spending 2 or 3 days in a home office, Ethernet Flex provides the best of both worlds – affordable, reliable FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) cabling capable of gigabit speeds.

To enquire about a pure-fibre Ethernet Flex connection for your home in Leicester, Cambridge, Nottingham and Derby, click here and contact Gigabit Networks today.

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Gigabit Networks and CityFibre drive Leicester’s digital transformation


  • Gigabit City network provides ultrafast speeds to Leicester businesses
  • Greater internet capability for Leicester as part of £4bn UK-wide rollout will lead to economic boost


Gigabit Networks is enabling Leicester businesses to thrive as the country moves out of the COVID-19 lockdown by unlocking their digital potential with Gigabit internet speeds (1000Mbps)


The local ISP has agreed to be one of a select number of CityFibre’s City Champions driving local businesses adoption of pure fibre connectivity as part of a major national roll out which has already seen it create new and completely independent fibre networks in 29 cities and towns across the UK including Cambridge, Nottingham and soon Derby.


Lots of business leaders haven’t yet realised they can now get the same high quality and ultra-fast internet speeds that larger corporations enjoy, but at significantly competitive prices. This is a game changer for Leicester, providing it with the initial building blocks to make it globally competitive as a digital city. That has a massive impact on the local economy and entrepreneurship.


The ‘Economic Impact of pure fibre infrastructure in 100 towns and cities’ report carried out by specialist economic development and regeneration consultancy Regeneris, commissioned by CityFibre, estimates the £80million investment CityFibre is making in the city could boost the local economy by up to £640 million over the coming years.


“Lockdown has demonstrated how essential a fast, reliable connectivity solution is for business continuity,” said Andrew Wilson, CityFibre’s Head of Wholesale. “During the current crisis, we are motivated to maintain progress and play our part in providing the digital infrastructure that will drive economic growth, support flexible working and deliver fast and reliable connectivity to businesses across the city.”


Currently, pure fibre connectivity is only available to 12 percent of premises across the UK. It is revered as the best in connectivity for its speed, near unlimited bandwidth and reliability. By using fibre optic cables for every stage of the connection from the customer’s premises to the Internet, users will be offered a significantly superior and more reliable Ethernet service, capable of Gigabit speeds (1,000 Mbps).


If you are a Leicester company that’s keen to find out more about how Gigabit capable connectivity could change your business, then contact Gigabit Networks at hello@gigabitnetworks.co.uk


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Avoid the big slowdown when you get back to work

faster with gigabit networks

Get faster with Gigabit Networks.

With the increased demand for bandwidth now so many more people are working remotely, it’s crucial to think about future proofing your business with better internet speeds.

Zoom calls, big media files and even streaming at home cause huge uplift in bandwidth requirements.

Gigabit Networks is here to help companies get back to work – only faster than before. As a CityFibre City Champion, we have some of the best ultrafast fibre products made for small and medium businesses.

We want the Midlands to be the fastest, most productive region of the UK.

Copper connections slow you down.

We’re so proud to have be serving the Midlands with pure fibre connections.

For anyone experiencing slow broadband, it’s important to know the difference between pure fibre connections (100% great fibre and fast speed) and partial fibre connections – where some of your network is made of copper.

CityFibre – our partner – has just spent £4bn on its UK-wide fibre network to overtake the current speeds available in many underserved regions.

Why not see what’s available to you today?

Check out our 4/5G back up and flexible installation packages too.

We’d love to hear from you!

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