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CityFibre Gigabit Expansion Marks Midlands Boom

September 7, 2020
Dom Taylor
Gigabit Ultra Reliable Full Fibre Broadband

The East Midlands is the fastest growing economic region in the UK. The area is awash with SMEs in various high-growth technology sectors.

Regional investment projects such as the Silicon Spa in Warwickshire are making Midlands cities like Coventry some of the most developed areas in the country for internet connectivity.

With CityFibre’s ongoing pure fibre transformation of Gigabit Cities such as Nottingham, Leicester, Cambridge and Derby, Gigabit Networks are proud to announce the expansion of our City Champion reach to Coventry and Peterborough.

This reach allows us to help more businesses in Warwickshire and Cambridgeshire improve their connectivity and push the Midlands further into the next generation of reliable, ultrafast internet.

Gigabit speeds can drastically improve a region’s ability to remain consistently productive and expand teams without slowing their connection. Pure fibre, FTTP broadband will soon be commonplace for many businesses looking for an edge over their competitors.

CityFibre’s series of private investments – like £80m in Leicester – is one of many key factors making the Midlands such a strong area for pure fibre digital infrastructure.

James Cushing, CityFibre City Manager for Leicester, notes that Gigabit Cities’ connectivity “can boost Leicester’s local economy by up to £640 million over the coming years.”

With the next few years looking promising for the Midlands, pure fibre broadband will only further improve the region’s capacity for economic growth.

Currently, 46% of the West Midlands has potentials access to gigabit speeds. Many businesses do not realise this potential, leaving themselves at a disadvantage to the more proactive premises in their area.

It’s clear that, to fulfil the Midlands’ economic forecast, businesses need to take advantage of their pure-fibre digital infrastructure. Check whether you can access gigabit internet here, and contact Gigabit Networks for your best pure-fibre plan.

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