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GigaFast Business Broadband
Is Now Available In Your Area

Employees with poor internet waste upto half an hour a day

As a Midlands-focused internet provider, we understand you can’t run a fast paced business on a slow connection.

GigaFast Full Fibre ensures ultrafast, ultra-reliable connectivity to make online activities effortless – so you can focus on what really matters.

Product Benefits

Expert Support

Our multi-award winning team are always on hand to guide you through the process

Next Business Day Fix

Unlike other providers, Gigabit guarantees a next business day fix should the worse happen

Ultrafast Speeds

GigaFast Business offers speeds of upto 1000Mbps – 20x faster than the UK average

Unrivalled Reliability

With a target 99.9% uptime, you can start to plan your business for a smarter future

Rapid Installation

Our state-of-the-art product normally takes just 10 days to install, so you can get down to business in no time

Cloud Ready

Our connectivity moves to cloud solutions faster and maintain data security

The Process


Businesses’ connections are often described as ‘fibre’ even though fibre is used in only part of the network. 

It relies on ageing and slow copper connections from the cabinet to your premise – this interferes with your connection, slows down your speeds and limits your workforce’s capabilities.

Unhindered by legacy copper infrastructure, GigaFast full fibre is the most future-proofed connection there is. 

It delivers a direct Full Fibre connection to your business with speeds of up to 1Gbps up and down with a target 99.9% uptime.

Our Awards


    Why does my business need Fibre To The Premises (FTTP)?

    Instead of sharing legacy copper with other businesses in your building or on your street, FTTP means our fibre-optic cabling goes straight to the heart of your business.  

    You and your team get greater bandwidth, faster speeds and greater reliability; because put simply, fibre performs a lot better and is way more robust than copper.

    How long does the install take?

    From ordering, our service can be installed in around 10 days subject to site survey.  

    On your selected date, our engineer will come to your premises and run the cabling to the desired location within the building and leave you with an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) to plug your router in to.  

    This is very similar to a traditional broadband install but without the need for a phone line for the broadband to work on.  

    What if I need help post install?

    We provide each of our business customers with expert support. We know the importance of keeping your lights switched on at all times, and so we want to ensure each of our customers are well and truly looked after. 

    Simply login to your customer portal give us a ring on 0116 380 0290 or email us at  telling us what your problem is and our award-winning customer service team will be happy to take it from there.  

    What happens to my IP address?

    The customer will be allocated a new IP address with the new service, if they are using a different IP address on an old service, we cannot migrate that IP address over.

    How do I know which version to go for?

    Which version you go for is usually dependent on the amount of devices you have and what sort of activities you do on a daily basis. A team that often shares large files, streams large amounts of data or holds multiple conference calls will typically need greater upload speeds than usual. 

    As a general rule of thumb, we recommend the following speeds for each business: 

    • 1 employee – This would be very low usage and wouldn’t need much more bandwidth than a residential connection. The entry level package would be the one to go for here. 
    • 2-10 employees – What the employees are doing would denote what level of bandwidth is needed here. 2-10 employees would usually be able to work quite happily on a mid-range product. 
    • 11-50 employees – For any business that has 10 or more employees we would suggest a higher end product to ensure that the connection can cope with peaks in bandwidth as and when they are needed. We would suggest our 1Gb/1Gb FTTP product in this scenario 
    What about cancellation?

    When ordering this product you will sign in to a fixed term contract. To be able to break this contract you will either need to serve the contract term or pay the remainder of the contract to move the service away from us.

    How do I pay?

    Your monthly service fee is normally collected by Direct Debit,  You will be asked to set up a DD mandate with our payments provider GoCardless after you have ordered the service. 

    What’s the difference between residential and business broadband?

    Business broadband packages provide a more dedicated service than residential broadband – this means you can expect a more secure connection, faster speeds and greater capacity. You’re also assured with a guaranteed next business day fix should the worst happen, alongside expert customer support.