Don’t be a Digital Dinosaur – National Coding Week 2021

September 15, 2021
Nicole Dixon

In this ever-changing technological time when working at home became the norm, technological skills were not only a luxury, but a necessity. Unfortunately, for many generations coding was not a skill that was taught; it was often only thought of in the realms of sci-fi and hackers, such as in Star Trek or The Matrix.

However, with initiatives such as National Coding Week, this digital hesitancy amongst adults may not be for long – and with this end, incalculable possibilities will open up.

One such possibility is that coding is the new global language which every country uses. It is a skill that isn’t bound to the borders of one country – it is an invaluable skill that makes the user of coding an asset that every global employer is begging for.

With this new language another opportunity arises, which is community – something that COVID has taught us is needed more than ever.

During the COVID era, communities around the world helped each other, and with learning to code, one of the largest communities arose. Adults were able to share knowledge, advice and skills with likeminded individuals which provided solace – but also a chance of betterment with job prospects, as well as mental health.

Thus, with National Coding Week taking place an opportunity begins, where resources open up; with tech companies offering support to adults to benefit and launch themselves into the endless possibilities that coding harbours.

So, with coding not being this secretive world full of hidden meanings and people, adults should open themselves up to the possibility of experiencing a wonderful new language that provides endless hope and freedoms to an entire new world at their fingertips. 

Why not get involved in National Coding Week 2021? We have listed some resources below that will kickstart your coding journey:





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