The UK is moving into a new generation of ultrafast internet speeds as telecom-infrastructure moves away from old analogue copper lines to fully digital fibre-optic lines delivered straight to your property. This means that for the first time you can access the internet at gigabit speeds or even higher, that’s about 50 times faster than the standard Copper Broadband line in the UK.
We offer only true pure-fibre connections.
Sometimes. Although our Broadband services are still based on a shared network we strictly manage the contention to make sure that we always offer you a minimum download bandwidth even at the busiest of times. However - our Ethernet/Leased Line products are not shared. On our gigabit Ethernet products, you own the entire circuit, so you have 100% dedicates bandwidth. Our backhaul network is always designed for the lowest latency possible.
Our 24/7 monitoring service means we act to proactively fix problems before you even see them and all of our Ethernet services come with a 99.99% uptime SLA backed by 6 hour guaranteed fix 24/7 365 days of the year, so even if the worst happens you'll be offline for just the shortest amount of time. On top of that we can offer several different backup services for those that simply can't be offline for any amount of time. These include automated FTTC Backup, 4/5G Backup and for a real belt and braces approach to a second diversely routed Ethernet Connection to your building.
No. Our contract prices remain the same throughout your term.
With traditional broadband providers, you will hear you can get speeds ‘up to’ X. That’s because in most cases, those internet companies share your bandwidth with other people on the street to a typical ratio of one fibre-optic cable to 50 or more users (1:50). That’s why at prime “Netflix” hours you generally see a slow down in your internet access, imagine you turn all of your taps on in the house, each one only has a trickle of water, but as you turn taps of the water pressure increases it’s the same with broadband speeds. Also the busier the internet gets the higher your latency is and high latency is no good for things like video calling, gaming or online trading.
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