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Keeping in touch with our loved ones has never been more important than now



Supporting the UKs most vulnerable

Gigabit Networks are delighted to announce a SPECIAL 1 GBPS CONNECTION OFFER to keep care home residents and staff connected.

Our goal is to help IMPROVE AND ENRICH THE LIVES of the nation’s most vulnerable citizens.

Gigabit speeds are revolutionising businesses across the UK and care homes are no exception. So in conjunction with the NHS we’re offering our Ethernet Flex Care service with up to 12 months free, dependent on contract length.

So what can a gigabit speed connection help with?

Gigabit speeds can drastically change lives. In a care home it can re-spark interests and fuel a happier life by connecting people – without limits – to all their favourite people, hobbies and interests.

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Get up to 12 Months Free
You’ve probably seen some well-known household brands selling ‘fibre broadband’ at low prices. That’s because they’re really selling hybrid-fibre – a watered down version of what fibre is really supposed to be. Hybrid fibre uses copper wires to deliver the last part of a connection to the property – and copper slows the speed of your fibre lines.
PureFibre is directly connected to your property with no obstacles. It’s very, very fast and reliable. Our PureFibre network (CityFibre’s UK network) is a brand new, state-of-art fibre network – designed with the utmost resilience and reliability support.
Competition for Bandwidth
You also need to consider how many others are likely to be using a network that is bundled cheaply. Probably lots – which gives you what’s called contention. Our dedicated products are designed to be used by you – not you and your street.
Fast Fix Times
Check your contract for your guaranteed fix times. You’ll often see phrases like 48 working hours. That’s actually more than a week’s wait.
Upgrade Flexibility

All of our products are delivered on the same Ultrafast, Ultra-reliable, PureFibre network with easy upgrade paths to the next level of service, so your investment is future-proofed.