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Geocaching – the Digital generation’s treasure hunt

September 20, 2022
Acacia Henry
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You may have heard of geocaching recently. But what is it?

Also referred to by as ‘the world’s largest treasure hunt’, geocaching is an exciting outdoor activity that can provide a sense of adventure for the entire family. 

Adventurers will be provided with GPS coordinates to a hidden treasure box meaning they can trek around the amazing British countryside before finding a cache that could contain any type of treasure.

With over 3 million geocaches currently hidden, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be very far from a geocache so why not get involved in this new way of getting out and adventuring.

How do I get started?

It’s simple…

First you must download the official app on your mobile phone and create an account – this is completely free!

Next, choose a geocache. They can be in all sorts of areas with ranging levels of difficulty so ensure you research and prepare properly – especially for the more difficult caches.

Once you’ve chosen your target use the app or a handheld GPS to find your way to the given coordinates, once you’re there you must search for the geocache box. They are usually small metal boxes but may be made of other weatherproof materials such as plastic.

Once you’ve found your cache you may find treasure in the form of small trinkets, coins or even jewellery. It’s best to replace this treasure, if you take any, with something of equal or greater value.

You’ll probably find a logbook or sheet which allows you to record your visit as well. After this, put the geocache back where you found it, then you can begin planning your next adventure!

Geocaching in the Midlands

As a Midlands based business, striving for digital transformation, it’s only right we pinpoint some of the Midlands’ best geocaching spots.

The Geocaching website has it’s own list of spots in the West Midlands that you can find by clicking here. Linked here you can also find a list of upcoming geocaching events, many being in and around the Midlands.

As an internet provider all about the Midlands, we love sharing news that can help to benefit and enrich the Midlands whether that be for businesses or residents.

For information about our GigaFast internet services and products click over to our homepage.

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