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Gigabit Networks Sustainability Statement

Full-fibre technology is a key part of Gigabit Networks’ mission to provide environmentally friendly telecommunications and internet services. This technology offers several sustainability advantages, including:

Zero Carbon Footprint: Gigabit Networks is committed to achieving net-zero carbon footprint, and full-fibre technology plays a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions both during construction and operation by our altnet partners. These networks are more energy-efficient than copper-based networks, which contributes to fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Efficiency: Full-fibre networks use light to transmit data, which consumes significantly less energy than copper-based networks. This translates to reduced energy consumption and a meaningful contribution to curbing carbon emissions.

Reduced E-Waste: Full-fibre networks have extended lifespans and demand less frequent replacement or maintenance when compared to copper infrastructure. This results in less electronic waste and a decreased environmental footprint.

Sustainable Infrastructure: Full-fibre networks are designed for scalability, negating the need for major infrastructure upgrades. This minimises resource consumption and aligns with an eco-conscious approach. The long-term viability of full-fibre technology reduces the need for frequent infrastructure overhauls and minimises environmental disruption.

Support for Green Technologies: Full-fibre networks facilitate telecommuting, remote monitoring, and smart grids, all contributing to reduce carbon footprints associated with commuting and energy usage. These networks also play a significant role in advancing renewable energy integration. Low latency and high bandwidth enable efficient collaboration with renewable energy systems like smart grids and solar/wind farms, further diminishing carbon emissions.

Reduced Data Centre Energy Use: Full-fibre networks enable faster and more reliable data transmission, diminishing the need for redundant data storage and processing. This optimisation translates to reduced energy consumption in data centres.

Overall, full-fibre technology is a key enabler of a sustainable future, and Gigabit Networks is proud to be at the forefront of this technological revolution.