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transforming Britain's digital landscape

Gigabit networks works with CityFibre to deliver its services, as their current exclusive City Champion for Leicester, Nottingham and Cambridge.

Companies like CityFibre are transforming Britain's digital landscape, investing nearly £4Bn to build dense pure fibre networks in more than 60 Cities across the UK. As an exclusive CityFibre City Champion all of our services are delivered on pure fibre, gigabit capable infrastructure.

Gigabit Networks has its headquarters in Leicester - in one of the Midlands' most business dense area - which has been so far underserved by Gigabit infrastructure. Our initial market research has identified more than 40,000 eligible businesses within the area which could benefit from Gigabit services. Are you fit for Gigabit?

Lighting up the midlands
We Have

more than 40 years’ experience in telecoms

We only provide pure-fibre business class internet connectivity at prices affordable to small businesses.

If you are a service provider and are interested in how our services could support your business and clients please get in contact with us.