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Gigabit Networks: Winners of the ‘Technology Innovation Award 2021’

August 13, 2021
Nicole Dixon
Gigabit Ultra Reliable Full Fibre Broadband

We are the proud 2021 Winners of the ‘Technology Innovation Award’ from The Local Business Awards – for our work bringing game-changing PureFibre internet to the people of the Midlands.

“We’re delighted to have won the Technology Innovation Award for our work with revolutionary PureFibre digital infrastructure.

“Gigabit PureFibre brings so much potential and many new opportunities not just to the people in the Midlands, but to other local businesses like us – and it’s fantastic to be winners of such an award.”

David Yates, Co-Founder, Gigabit Networks

Our mission is to bridge the staggering digital divide in the Midlands by giving local people the opportunity to access revolutionary 1Gbps-capable internet infrastructure – up to 20x faster than copper ‘partial’ fibre, which covers the majority of the UK. 

The award recognises the work and progress that Gigabit Networks has made over the last 2 years in empowering other businesses (and soon, home-owners) to do more with purpose-built, lightning-fast and ultra-reliable internet speeds.

“For any business to thrive they have to be digitally connected.

“Gigabit Networks is turbocharging business in the Midlands, connecting the region with game-changing technology so it can lead the way in UK digital business and be a region of smart cities and towns.

“As the Gigabit Fibre Internet Champion for the Midlands, Gigabit Networks can now call themselves Local Business Award winners in Technology Innovation – it’s very well deserved and I’m sure all the businesses they are helping would agree.”

James Murphy, Founder, The Local Business Awards

The Local Business Awards are a social enterprise with the aim of celebrating the best local businesses in the UK.

Their award categories range from ‘Heroes of Health & Social’ to the ‘Great Day Out Award’, giving recognition to those local businesses going the extra mile in the UK and inspiring individuals to start local businesses of their own. 

“The Local Business Awards are so important to recognise and lift up those smaller, local businesses which are too often overshadowed by the chains and big brands.

“Initiatives like The Local Business Awards really help smaller businesses like ours to uncover new opportunities, create new areas of employment and build networks for our local communities.”

Christian Farrar, Marketing Executive

Read more about The Local Business Awards and the 2021 Winners here.

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