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Valid from 24/1/24


Referral Definition

The referral promotional offer is a reward scheme which is provided to both a referrer (existing customer) and to the referee (the friend/associate) when the qualification stipulations have been met and the 1st invoice payment has been received from the referee (the friend) account.

Qualification Definition – Referrer

  • This offer is available to customers who have purchased a 24-month term fibre service from Gigabit Networks Limited between 24/01/2024 and 31/03/2023.
  • A Referrer must use the unique URL to enter the referee mail details within their account on the Gigabit Referral website.
  • Invoicing of the referrer is not in arrears or default.
  • The Referrer must have an existing live account to qualify for the referral reward.

Qualification Definition – Referee

  • The Referee has purchased a 24-term fibre service from Gigabit Networks Limited between 24/01/2024 and 31/03/2023.
  • The order is placed via the unique URL link and the email address is registered within the referral website by the referrer.
  • The 1st monthly invoice payment has completed successfully.

Definition of Success

A successful affiliate reward is defined as a referral that has met all qualification requirements for both Referrer and Referee.

Referral Reward

  • Customers eligible for a reward, both referrer (existing customer) and the referee (the friend/associate); will receive a £50 Amazon voucher to the email addresses supplied on the corresponding order and confirmed within the referral portal.
  • This will occur after the 1st monthly invoice has been paid by the referee.

General terms and conditions

  • Referral attempts that do not use the referral link and associated email address will not qualify for the reward.
  • There is no limit to the number of individual referrals that can be made by an individual referrer.
  • Each registered referee email address within the portal can only be used once in conjunction with this offer.
  • Referral links will be generated by the Gigabit Referral website and can be sent to potential referrers by email, WhatsApp or Facebook.
  • The referrer and the referee (friend/associate) cannot be the same person or account. Where Gigabit Networks identify that they the referrer and the referee are the same person, for example by email address, installation address, service ID or Debit Details, the offer will be void.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other referral offer.

Amendments to the Gigabit Referral Reward Scheme

Gigabit Networks Limited reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time and with immediate effect if, in our judgement, the offer is being abused in any way. Gigabit Networks Limited also reserves the right to change or amend the reward and the structure of the offer at any time. Any decision made by Gigabit Networks Limited with regards to this offer is final.