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Full-Fibre broadband

Half price broadband for 3 months available now

Ditch the fake fibre – check your home availability for Ultrafast, Ultra-reliable PureFibre below:


Strike broadband gold with revolutionary 1Gbps speeds – 20x faster than your average broadband


Unlike normal ‘fibre’ broadband from BT and Virgin, our network has you covered with 99.9% uptime


Do more – far more as you browse, stream and work – the only limit is your curiosity


When you’re switched on, so are we – we won’t leave you in the dark. Target next business day fix

GigaFast Home


£24.50 p/m

Download Speeds Up To

Upload Speed Up To

Target Up-time


HD Streaming

Regular Downloads

Active internet users who need just a little bit more…

GigaFast Pro


£29.50 p/m

Download Speeds Up To

Upload Speed Up To

Target Up-time


HD Gaming

Live Streaming 

Users who demand the best speeds available

Here’s the legal bit
Monthly costs shown are inclusive of VAT and are based on a minimum 18 month contract term.

We will never increase your monthly charges during the initial term of your contract.

Speeds shown are the maximum speeds the service is capable of, for Gigafast Home the current maximum download speed is 930Mbps whilst the Upload Speed is 100Mbps, for GigaFast Pro the maximum speeds are 930Mbps in both directions.

Like all shared Broadband services speeds can fluctuate at times of extremely heavy use, however, at Gigabit our backhaul network is designed to deliver maximum possible performance for all of our subscribers even at those busier times.

All GigaFast services have a one off activation charge of £49 (inc VAT), the activation charge covers the pre-configuration and shipping of your router as well as on site installation of the router and testing by our engineer on the day of install, this charge is payable at the time of order.

You may be offered additional products at the time of ordering, these products are not included in the service charge and will be subject to an additional charge that is clearly explained at the time of order.

Our voice service uses the broadband service to make calls at times when the internet is unusable or unavailable, e.g. during a power cut you will not be able to make or receive voice calls.

Mesh WiFi is only available on GigaFast Home and Pro Packages with the purchase of additional WiFi Repeaters which are available at the time of ordering.

What would you do with lightning fast, Gigabit-capable internet?

You could… download a full-length HD movie in 12 seconds or get your hands on Call of Duty: Warzone in less than 5 minutes.

Why waste any more of your household’s time waiting for slow, copper broadband connections?

Enjoy stress-free streaming, remove boundaries from browsing, double-up on your downloads and go gaming-gaga.

Reboot your broadband – enter your postcode above to see if you can supercharge your home with UltraFast, Ultra-Reliable PureFibre from Gigabit Networks.