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Full Fibre Broadband
at a price you can afford

from only £29 per month

Full-Fibre Ultra-Fast Broadband without the ultra-high cost

A recent USwitch study has found the UK’s average monthly spend on broadband in the last month was £40.97. However, most are over-paying for a package that doesn’t suit their current requirement.

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We’re here to raise the bar. With GigaFast Home Lite, we’re giving Wolverhampton residents an opportunity to switch to state of the art full fibre at a great price with speeds up to 150Mbps both ways.

Unlike other providers we lock in your broadband prices, meaning no surprises, you’ll know exactly what your bill will be each month.

Ultra-fast and ultra-reliable! Switch today.

Product Benefits

Expert Local Support

Our local support team are always on hand to help, no matter the issue

Next-generation Broadband

Do more – far more as you browse, stream and work – the only limit is your curiosity

Unrivalled Reliability

With a target 99.9% uptime, you don’t need to worry about setting up shop in a cafe for the day!

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The Process

Why do I need full-fibre for my home?

What’s been sold as fibre for the last decade isn’t full fibre.

It relies on ageing and slow copper connections from the cabinet to your premise – this interferes with your connection, slows down your speeds and limits your capabilities.

Unhindered by legacy copper infrastructure, Gigabit full-fibre is the most future-proofed connection there is.

Work, Play and Learn with ease.

Feel confident that we offer a sustainable, future proof product that is better value for your money.

Our Awards

    Some of the questions customers have asked us…

    I already have fibre broadband – why do I need your services?

    Ever noticed that the speeds you experience are often slower than the ones you expected, as advertised by your ISP?

    This is because your ‘fibre’ connection is not PureFibre.

    With a normal fibre broadband connection (sometimes known as Fibre to the Cabinet or FTTC), your connection is only partial fibre-optic wiring to your street cabinet. Old, outdated copper wiring then connects to your home from the cabinet and your bandwidth is shared with everyone else in your neighbourhood, slowing down your internet speeds – especially during peak hours.

    PureFibre is different. We only use 100% fibre-optic lines direct to your home which are Gigabit-capable – and up to 20x faster than normal ‘fibre’ broadband. This means you can always expect great speeds – and then some.

    What is PureFibre?

    PureFibre is just that – pure, fibre connections with no old copper wiring in sight (which is used for regular ‘fibre’ broadband).

    With our PureFibre services, you don’t have the street cabinet or outdated copper wiring slowing you down. We offer only true PureFibre connections directly to your premises which are up to 20x faster, purpose-built for the modern user and more reliable than standard ‘fibre’ broadband.

    With Gigabit PureFibre, you could download a full-length HD movie in just 12 seconds, or get your hands on Call of Duty: Warzone in less than 5 minutes.

    What is a Gigabit?
    One gigabit per second (Gbps) is a 1000 megabits per second (Mbps) connection. Gigabit PureFibre is up to 20x faster than basic ‘fibre’ broadband speeds, allowing you to get what you want whenever you want it – regardless of peak hours or how many devices are connected to your broadband.
    What speeds will I get?

    GigaFast Home: Maximum download speeds of 930Mbps  with an average of 820Mbps. Average upload speeds of 100Mbps.

    GigaFast Pro: Maximum download and upload  speeds of 900Mbps with an average of 820Mps.

    Do you offer minimum guaranteed download speeds like BT?

    As a regional ISP we are not required to subscribe to the Ofcom – Broadband Speeds Code of Practice like BT or Virgin.  In reality these guarantees are not very appealing to end users; the minimum guaranteed speeds are often quite low and you would have to suffer 30 consecutive days of low speeds before you can expect compensation or terminate the contract.

    Instead of subscribing to the Ofcom code of conduct, we have built our network to deliver the fastest possible speed to every user at all times.  The maximum no of users on one fibre is 32 and in many cases this is less, that means that even at the busiest of times you will still receive a faster and more reliable service than most other Fibre broadband services.

    Because of the way our network is designed, the absolute guaranteed minimum speed on our service is 70Mbps download and 35Mpbs upload, however, this is at times of total network congestion, which is extremely unlikely to happen

    What contract lengths do you offer?

    Our standard contract length is 24 months