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Ultrafast 1000Mbps speeds with a target 99.9% uptime

Business broadband

but not as you know it


Ultrafast Speeds

Go up to 20x faster than your competition with revolutionary PureFibre

Next Business Day Fix

Unlike big providers, our local, expert engineers are always on hand to cure any bandwidth blues

Unrivalled Reliability

Don’t suffer with the buffer – this is the most dependable internet you can get

So, why does your business need GigaFast FTTP?

We understand the strain unreliable internet can put on a growing business.

Most ‘part-fibre’ networks for business broadband only use Fibre To The (street) Cabinet (FTTC) – but then use old copper between the cabinet and your business. This interferes with your connection, slows down your speeds and limits your workforce’s capabilities.

PureFibre with GigaFast – Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) – delivers fibre-optic cabling straight to the heart of your business.

Using a robust, award-winning digital infrastructure, GigaFast FTTP allows you to browse effortlessly with 99.9% uptime and a cloud-ready service.

Crush your competition through connectivity with speeds 20x faster than the UK average – world-class business broadband could be right on your doorstep.