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Going Sober for the New Year?

January 14, 2022
Acacia Henry
Gigabit Ultra Reliable Full Fibre Broadband

At the start of every year, there is an unspoken cardinal rule that every person must compile a list of new year’s resolutions.  

Particularly in January, where Alcohol Change UK’s Dry January campaign gives people the chance to go alcohol-free for a month with the hope of carrying on in the long run.  

When did Dry January start? 

Since the initiative started in 2013, it has attracted thousands of supporters and participants. Last year, approximately 130,000 people in the UK took part, showing just how many people are interested in adopting better lifestyles.  

Even the Gigabit Network’s team have ventured into trying alcohol-free drinks that we had no idea existed until the last two years. One of our very own Marketing Team – Faith Ratcliff – is tracking her Dry January progress through the Try Dry app as she joins in the campaign.  

Non-drinking is a new scene on the rise as healthier and sustainable choices continue to challenge the norm.  

Where to find alternative drinking options? 

Since we launched into Derby to supply residents with ultra-reliable and ultrafast broadband, we discovered a norm-breaking dry bar along Green Lane called YADA.  

The dry bar opened in June last year as the first in the Midlands to be completely alcohol-free. With an online store filled with a variety of tasty non-alcoholic drinks, from kombucha to AF beers, spirits, and wines, participants of Dry January can enjoy their first month of sobriety with ease.  

Those who are just alcohol-free curious can also benefit from all the fun, exciting events YADA hosts such as live music night, games night, Queers Without Beers and many more open to the whole community. YADA’s team aim to revamp Derby’s night-time economy and reduce the peer pressures of drinking culture.   

As a Midlands-based company as well, here at Gigabit, we love to support local businesses that share the heart of the community.  

Our connectivity values run deeper than just our broadband products. While we aim to supply the fastest internet with pure fibre and ensure our customers get the best deal and broadband service, we also aim to spread awareness on innovative and authentic businesses.  

YADA is a community-focused company, innovating the drinking scene for those needing alternatives.  

If you are taking part in Dry January pop down to YADA or visit their online store here for non-alcoholic beverages. For more information on Dry January, you can head over to the Alcohol Change UK website.  

Dry January? Tick! 

How about starting the year right with better-suited broadband too? See which package is best for you and check if we are in your area with our postcode checker now. 

From Gigabit, we wish you all the best of luck with your 2022 New year’s resolutions! 

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