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Delivering ultrafast Gigabit internet to Midland’s private healthcare organisations

Are your people getting the most from your internet connection?

With about 50% of the UK’s adult population now having access to digital healthcare, reliable internet has never been more paramount to keep patients and staff connected.

Without it, organisations run the risk of leaving patients isolated from loved ones and unable to receive essential advice from trusted experts.

Doctor’s surgeries and practices need to be able to connect seamlessly to keep waiting times limited and patient satisfaction high – so you can focus on what really matters.

What we offer at Gigabit Networks

Our multi-award-winning Gigabit products deliver 1Gbps speeds straight to the heart of your building.

With a target 99.9% uptime, your people are in safe hands to keep data secure, communicate at peak hours and utilise bandwidth hungry equipment.

Our mission is to revolutionise the private healthcare sector and facilitate the next generation of first-class patient care.

We are proud to work with the NHS in Leicester – providing X to…… because just like you, we work 24/7.

Ultrafast Connectivity

Hold video consultations effortlessly with 20x faster internet speed

Unrivalled Reliability

Access medical record at all times with a target 99.9% uptime

Next Business Day Fix

Unlike other providers, we provide a guaranteed next business day fix should the worse happen

Valuable Investment

Be an early adopter and future-proof your organisation for decades to come

Rapid Installation

Our team is set up and ready to get you live within a 10 day time frame

Cloud Ready

GigaFast Business is a foundation for data security and connectivitiy to work as one