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Are you a property developer?

Upgrade your building with Gigabit connecitvity and create a new revenue stream for your business

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Utilise Gigabit connectivity and create a new revenue stream

We understand property developers are under increasing pressure to deliver a first class premise.

Balancing ever-rising expectations of tenants with shifting government connectivity demands and rising living costs is a complex challenge to tackle.

According to an ISP review study, 71% of all buyers would reject their ideal home if the available broadband didn’t meet the minimum requirements.

Gigabit Networks delivers ultrafast, ultra-reliable connecitivty for your tenants and gives you the ownership of a state-of-the-art asset to generate more revenue from.

Future-proof your investment portfolio

The UK government has announced that providing gigabit connectivity in all new builds is now essential and a DCMS requirement. 

With home-working, online business and cloud-intensive activities rising exponentially, access to a secure and next-gen network has never been more pivotal.

With Gigabit connectivity, tenants can work, stream and play seamlessly. We allow you take advantage of gigabit-speed internet and make money by renting the service back to Gigabit Networks, who manage the connections and service the tenants directly.

Broadband that means business

Improve your bottom line

88% of people say they are more likely
to rent with reliable broadband.

Unlock smart living

It is suggested that the average UK household will contain 50 connected devices by 2023.

Tailored to your needs

Each property is different. Our solutions are designed to meet any unique requirements.

Which product is best for you?

Ideal for homes and small businesses

1Gbps symmetrical speeds

Target next business day fix

Perfect for homeworking

Ideal for workspaces and SME’s

1Gbps symmetrical speeds

6 hour fix time

Video-call and share files with ease

Ideal for the biggest offices

Up to 10Gbps speeds

5 hour fix time

The most reliable Gigabit internet