Ever noticed that the speeds you experience with ‘fibre’ broadband are often slower than the ones you expected, as advertised by your provider?

This is because your ‘fibre’ connection is not PureFibre.

What’s been sold as fibre for the last decade isn’t really proper fibre as the last mile of your connection to your house is typically copper. This is known as Fibre to the Cabinet or FTTC – which slows things down, especially during peak hours.

PureFibre is different.

We only use 100% fibre-optic lines direct to your home which are capable of delivering up to 1Gbps download speeds – up to 20x faster than normal ‘fibre’ broadband. This means you can always expect a brilliant speed – and then some.

GigaFast Connectivity

Strike broadband gold with revolutionary 1Gbps speeds – up to 20x faster than your average broadband


Unlike normal ‘fibre’ broadband from BT and Virgin, the CityFibre network has you covered with 99.99% uptime

Next-generation Broadband

Do more – far more as you browse, stream and work. The only limit is your curiosity


When you’re switched on, so are we – we won’t leave you in the dark. Target next business day fix


Our mission is to bridge the digital divide for Midlands Residents and Businesses by delivering the fastest, most reliable internet connectivity available in the UK


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