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Regional businesses become prime customers for Ethernet Flex gigabit broadband

August 21, 2020
Dom Taylor
Gigabit Ultra Reliable Full Fibre Broadband

A nationwide push increasing the internet connectivity of small towns across the UK is making gigabit speeds a reality for many rural businesses.

3,000 premises in Bungay, for example, are now capable of gigabit internet speeds thanks to the recent installation of over 100km of fibre cable.

With this, and many other similar projects across the country, it’s clear those looking to take advantage and invest in pure fibre broadband do not strictly reside in major cities.

CityFibre, the UK’s leading alternative broadband provider, lead the charge in the Midlands. As CityFibre City Champion for Leicester, Cambridge, Derby and Nottingham, Gigabit Networks works to provide the whole of the midlands with the opportunity to operate with pure-fibre connectivity.

A recent £120m investment into the Midlands’ development is set to positively impact the local economy and the infrastructure will prove valuable to an increasing variety of industries across the counties.

The transformational impact of gigabit internet speeds is not always evident to most. For many, 1gbps speeds are not necessary for their small business. The prices and industrial nature of FTTP broadband connections can seem daunting to many premises in regions under construction.

So, for businesses looking for a competitive advantage, or the ability to download media in lightning speeds, flexibility is becoming a desired determinant for broadband packages across the Midlands.

Gigabit Networks’ Ethernet Flex package exhibits the high internet speeds of the next generation, with the lower prices and flexible options that represent the sentiments of many premises across Leicester, Cambridge, Nottingham and Derby.

The connection achieves 200mbps, with the ability to upgrade in bursts to 1gbps. This gives businesses a speed more than capable of improving efficiency and general operations, whilst allowing them to choose an ultrafast gigabit speed in times of need.

Other features of our Ethernet Flex package – 36 months SLA with 24/7 support, up to £2,500 towards installation costs – all allow local businesses to take advantage of the developing gigabit infrastructure consistently making headlines.

For many reading the headlines, they may see a new opportunity in their area for reliable gigabit speeds as an amazing yet unrealistic and unaffordable prospect. With Ethernet Flex, the opportunity becomes more affordable, more logical and worth investing in.

To enquire about a pure-fibre Ethernet Flex connection for your premises in Leicester, Cambridge, Nottingham and Derby, click here and contact Gigabit Networks today.

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