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SIP Telephone FAQ’s

What is included within the SIP Package? 

SIP service to receive inbound and make outbound calls over your fibre connection 

  • A new or ported telephone number 
  • 5000 minutes to UK local numbers 
  • 2000 minutes to UK mobile numbers (O2,EE and Vodaphone) 

Can I keep my current number? 

Yes, we can port your current number for an additional one off charge of £20. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of your order you give us permission to port your number that you have provided. 

Normal turnaround for a number to port is within 10 working days of your order. We will normally request a port date 24 hours after your installation date. 

Please contact our customer service team if you have any further questions. 

What happens if I go over my package allowance? 

Any minutes used above the package will be billed per minute subject to destination. 

Do I need a digital phone to use the service? 

Our routers have an ATA port which means you can use an analogue or digital phone by simply plugging it into the ATA port at the back of the router. When using a digital phone it is worth checking the compatibility of use with a SIP service.   

Is the Gigabit Networks SIP service compatible with alarm systems, medical alerting and emergency buttons? 

We cannot guarantee our SIP service will be compatible with the 24/7 requirement of alarm systems, medical alerting and emergency buttons. You should speak to your supplier to confirm whether the service is compatible and safe to use with a SIP service.  

If you are migrating from a standard copper line. Please remember that your current PSTN line is powered by the exchange and therefore is not subject to the usual restrictions of requiring power at your premises to be operational. 

The SIP service requires the fibre connection to be on and connected and therefore any disruption (a power cut or fault) will result in the phone being unavailable.  

This should be taken into consideration when deciding whether to order the SIP service if you are classed as vulnerable or have medical or alarm system requirements. 

What are the fraud preventions on my account? 

We provide several levels of fraud prevention.  

  • We operate a fraudulent deny list which prevents phone calls being made to known international destinations of telephony fraud and scams.  
  • We monitor “spend” across our estate to identify potential fraud. In cases where we believe that an account may be compromised we reserve the right to bar the service. 
  • International and premium rate UK phone numbers are denied by default on all accounts (You are able to opt out but will then be liable for any charges incurred from these services or locations).