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Some Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of speeds can I expect?

Our Fibre services provide a maximum capability of 160Mb/900Mb (package dependent) on a 1Gbps Ethernet port plugged directly into our router. Speeds shown represent the maximum speed the service is capable of; however, as with all shared broadband services, speeds may fluctuate during times of extremely heavy use. Nevertheless, at Gigabit, our backhaul network is designed to deliver maximum possible performance for all subscribers, even during busier times.

Do you provide a minimum speed guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee that if you are not receiving at least 50% of the advertised speed using a single wired connection, we will happily investigate. Under normal circumstances, we expect average download speeds of around 80Mbps/700Mbps (package dependent). However, when there are numerous devices sharing the bandwidth within a household, this speed to each device may be reduced.

What if I do not feel I am receiving the speed I should be?

If you consistently achieve speeds less than 50% of the headline rates (e.g., 80Mbps for Home Lite or 450Mbps for Home 900), please contact our support team at, and they will investigate the issue for you.

How can I test my speed?

Various factors can affect your speeds, including how you access the internet and which speed test server you use. Please refer to our knowledge article for information on how to test your service correctly: Knowledge Article Link.

How long does it take to install my service?

You can select an available installation slot (AM or PM). The usual turnaround for delivery is 7 – 10 working days.

When will I receive my bill?

Your bill will be generated on the last working day of each month, and the direct debit will be taken 7 days after this day.

Why is my first bill different?

Your first bill will include a part payment for the remainder of the installation month (up to 30 days), the next month’s fixed rental cost, and the delivery charge for the router.

Do you offer a Wi-Fi guarantee?

We are unable to guarantee complete signal coverage; the router signal strength within your home depends on the layout and structure, and we cannot guarantee Wi-Fi signal coverage throughout your entire home. However, we can provide a mesh repeater for an additional cost, which will help amplify your router signal and provide additional signal coverage within your home.

Why are my devices not showing higher speeds over Wi-Fi?

Connecting to the router via Wi-Fi and running a speed test will unlikely yield speeds near the headline rate of your line. Several factors affect speeds on Wi-Fi connections, including the number of devices connected, the capability of your Wi-Fi device, and the quality of your Wi-Fi signal. For more information, please check our detailed explanations here.

Do you have any restrictions on usage?

Please find the link to our acceptable use policy below:

Acceptable Use Policy

Where can I read your Terms and Conditions?

Please find the link to our terms and conditions below:

Terms and Conditions