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Purefibre broadband – your path to a greener home

In 2022 it’s pretty safe to say we’re all somewhat environmentally conscious. And rightly so. 

As we all search for new hassle-free ways to stay as sustainable as possible, without disrupting our daily lives too much, it’s a surprise that not many people know your internet choice can contribute to your carbon footprint. 

The main two types of broadband that will be available to you as a normal consumer will be part-fibre and pure fibre. A part-fibre connection uses fibre cabling from the exchange to the street cabinet and then copper from the cabinet to your home. Pure fibre however, uses fibre cabling from the exchange, straight to you.

At Gigabit Networks, we use a pure fibre connection to bring you the fastest speeds of up to 930Mbps, at an amazing price of just £49 per month, if you’re not convinced yet, you will be soon…

Now, why is all this important? Fibre cabling and copper cabling, it probably doesn’t mean much to you, it all gets you a connection after all.

Reducing your energy consumption

Well, according to Otelco, by using light transmission, fibre cabling uses up to 12x less energy than copper cabling. 

The fact that copper cabling uses up more energy also means it emits more energy as heat – creating the need for massive cooling systems to prevent overheating. These cooling systems alone also use massive amounts of electricity. 

So already, by making the switch to Gigabit pure fibre you’re expending up to 12x less energy. While getting a faster service!

Reducing your greenhouse gas production

Another great feature of fibre is the fact it has way less of a contribution to greenhouse gas emissions than copper cabling does.

The American Consumer published a study estimating that if pure fibre cabling was more extensively adopted – we would see the incremental reduction of over a billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions over ten years. 

It is commonly known that the greenhouse effect is a massive contributor to climate change – so the fact that your choice of internet provider could influence this (however small that influence may be) is amazing.

Discouraging copper mining

You may or may not know that the mining of copper is also massively harmful to the Earth. 

The process used for the extraction of copper uses harmful sulphuric acid which creates mists that can obliterate crops and reduce the quality of the land, meaning crops may never grow there again.

Copper extraction is also thought to be a leading contributor to acid rain. The EPA has plenty of educational resources on how acid rain can harm fish and wildlife, kill trees, and even affect human health. 

The possibilities with pure fibre are endless!

By now you probably know exactly why a full-fibre connection is the key to a greener home. But there’s so much more out there.

We encourage you to go and do your own research on why fibre cabling is better for the earth. While you’re there you’ll probably also learn about how much faster it is, how much more reliable it is and how it is absolutely future proof!

Check your availability now to get GigaFast and do your bit for the environment.