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10% off PureFibre in the workplace for Blue Light holders

The last 12 months have been tough for all of us, but especially for those working in our emergency services. Increased demand for internet bandwidth has meant that many businesses have suffered, both in productivity and in service due to glacial-speed internet connections.

Gigabit Networks is on a mission to combat outdated digital infrastructure, and instead empower our emergency services and Blue Light holders across the UK. We are offering all Blue Light card holders 10% off game-changing Gigabit internet for their workplace as a thank you for your dedicated service – so you can equip yourself and your colleagues with the best possible tools to keep on serving your local communities, and focus on what really matters.

Our Ethernet products provide fast and reliable internet connections with a minimum 99.95% SLA – and our Ultrafast, Ultra-reliable, PureFibre network is capable of delivering speeds of up to 10Gbps. We have a solution for any sized business and budget – and your connection is capable of expanding with your business, so your organisation’s investment is always future-proofed.

To claim your discount, <<ADD OFFER LINK HERE WHEN APPROVED ON BLUE LIGHT>> receive a Gigabit Networks voucher code from the Blue Light app<<ADD OFFER LINK HERE WHEN APPROVED ON BLUE LIGHT>> and fill out our form. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Are you getting ripped off on ethernet internet fees?

Ethernet fibre internet circuits are now way cheaper than they used to be.  

Even just a few years ago, you could easily have paid in excess of £1000 a month for a 1Gbps fibre connection.

But the game has changed.  

Advances in fibre ethernet technology and availability throughout the UK mean that fibre is not only more abundant and reliable – but a lot less expensive than it has been

This means companies can get more bandwidth, productivity and digital oomph – for a lot less money. And 2021 is a great year to be looking for budget efficiencies. 

CityFibre’s brand new fibre network is totally independent of BT. It has the latest technology to drive it and comes with a 100% uptime guarantee. 

We came across one charity in the Midlands that was paying £800 a month for a 100Mb ‘business’ line.

There is something not quite right about that… 

Market Speeds Vs Prices 

It is worth seeking out the best quality connectivity – especially where critical business functions must not fail. Only a dedicated service will provide guaranteed speeds and great reliability. 

But don’t be fooled into thinking that market has not moved much.  

It has. 

In fact, in some cases, we have seen companies buy three new gigabit circuits with guaranteed speeds and better reliability agreements for the price of one old-school circuit from the traditional vendors. 

Also consider ‘advertised speed’ vs ‘actual speeds’, which are often much lower. You can’t accept that as more business relies on fast connections.  

If you’re not getting the full service as advertised, your business is getting ripped off. Now is the time to make a change. 

Gigabit Networks Delivers A Better Solution 

Internet connectivity tech is now going to evolve at a much faster rate in the UK.   

If your organisation took out a deal at £800 per month for each gigabit on its fibre ethernet circuits two or three years ago, you’d have been ecstatic with that price.  

Thankfully, that is all changing with the CityFibre network

The network uses advanced tech to make ethernet circuits cheaper and more reliable. Gigabit Networks helps you unlock the full potential of the latest advancements by delivering a fast internet service that is tailored specifically to your business, providing dedicated bandwidth (up to 10gbps) that is set by you. 

Crucially, those speeds are guaranteed in both directions (uploads and downloads) and the price includes 24/7 monitoring and management as well as a 5 hour guaranteed fix time at a price point of around 50% of similar offerings. 

In an age where our reliance on reliable and fast internet connections is greater than ever, paying less could so easily buy you more productivity and help to transform the future of your company forever. 

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