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Choosing The Right Product For You

Are you thinking of switching to Gigabit home broadband?

Sometimes switching can be a stressful process. You might have transferred before and felt disappointed after realising the broadband package you ordered did not satisfy all your needs.

Instead, you were dealing with:

  • Slow speeds when you have been promised fast connectivity.
  • Price changes in your contract and its way above what it started as.
  • Constant outages at critical times during your day.

We know all these things make it difficult to trust and find the network that best suits you and your household.

In the last two years, the number of people switching their network providers has surged with more of us working from home. See here for the full figures.

Home broadband is an essential system we all need to function in the fast-paced technological world we live in. Which is why, switching providers should never be a hassle but rather an exciting, stress-free venture to a better and more reliable broadband.

At Gigabit we want to be your final resolution.

For home broadband users we offer two products: GigaFast Home and  GigaFast Pro.

There are no price changes in your fixed contract no matter what product you choose. With other bills to think about we make sure your broadband is the last thing, you have to worry about.

Both of our products use Pure Fibre, which you may be wondering what it that and how does it work?

Pure Fibre, also known as Full Fibre, is the fastest form of internet. Through fibre optic cables, Pure Fibre transfers connection at lightning-fast speeds directly to your home.

Slow download speeds and buffering are no longer on your list of concerns or unfilled needs. Gigabit Networks supply speeds up to 20 times faster than the UK average to give you ease when you are working from home, face-timing family or friends and even enjoying a movie night in.

So, which product is the one for you?

GigaFast Home is well-suited for small households looking to have reliable internet service on a day-to-day basis. Only £49 per month over an 18-month contract, you can have 930Mbps download speeds and 100Mbps uploads.  This means, up to 10 internet-connected devices can enjoy faster regular downloads and HD streaming.

For larger households, homeworkers, and gamers, we recommend GigaFast Pro. Same download speeds but higher upload speeds to match the bandwidths you need to do more. With more than 10 device allowance, everyone at home can stream and stay productive. Priced at a monthly fee of £69 for 18 months, GigaFast Pro is the ultra-fast and ultra-reliable internet for tech-savvy and bandwidth-crazy users.

Switching with ease

Even though our up-time key is 99.9% across all our services, we make sure from the day of your installation to your last contracted day, you can count on us. If anything seems unusual, our guarantee next business day response will ensure any queries you have are answered and resolved.

To select your ideal product and switch to Gigabit Networks use our postcode checker now and see if we are in your area! Still unsure? Take our quick and easy quiz to find out which home broadband package your need.