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3 Reasons Why Gigabit Internet Can Boost Your Creativity

Happy National Creativity Day! 

Embrace your creative energies and let today be all about where they will take you. 

There are multiple ways to increase creativity, especially with many conveniences offered in this digital era. The internet has become an essential tool for development and has enabled creativity tools to push the boundaries of what is digitally possible. 

Here are three reasons how Gigabit Internet technology has improved exponentially to boost creativity in today’s society:

Gigabit Internet Improves Productivity

You certainly know that the internet invention has provided us the ability to cultivate ourselves.

All we should do is practice and develop our talents by making time for it. It is even considerably cheaper to improve, as the Internet has lowered the cost to be creative.

Gigabit connection is ultra-reliable, which allows you to try multiple platforms and even operate them simultaneously. 

Do you want to edit a video? You can use iMovie, InShot or CapCut. These platforms can provide you with shortcuts and templates so that you can edit your video instantly. 

If you’re looking for a beginner tutorial to show you how to get started with iMovie, you can find a great one here.

Need to design an ads for your marketing campaign? You can use Canva or Design Wizard. They’re simple to use and don’t need any design experience.

The internet has brought several tools for faster, more efficient creation. It provides simplicity and convenience for you to explore. Leading to higher productivity so you can learn, create and sell your inner talents. Nowadays people are not talking about abilities but speed. It is more about how you are willing to try and improve.

However, do you know that on average people at work can lose 44 minutes per week due to poor internet connection? Just make sure you are not one of them! Make sure it’s running properly so that your creative juices keep flowing and productivity keeps soaring. 

Internet Provides Multiple Tools To Learn and Support Your Creativity

The internet has no boundaries and triggers a desire in many of us, to learn new things. All you have to do is devote yourself to improving your creative skills. Set a goal, make an effort, and commit to it. There are multiple platforms available to find your creative feet. The digital age has allowed everyone to be a creator.

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest are served as launching pads. You can learn from them and share your creations easier than ever before. Creativity has become so accessible to everyone. 

Gigabit Internet Leads You to New Opportunities

Working with creativity means that you have to continually challenge yourself to advance your abilities.

It can involve finding new tools or tackling a new project. The Internet can help you connect with new people who share your passion.It supports you to find new audiences, making it easier to reach those who will enjoy or need your creations.

Do you want to sell your artwork? You can go to Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Redbubble or Saatchi Art.

Or do you want to sell your skills and help companies with their artwork? Working on their logo, website or branding? You can check 99designs, Fiverr or UpWork. Expose yourself and develop your creative skills. Creativity is a faculty that allows people to go beyond capacity. It is up to us to make good use of it.

Want to know how Gigabit Networks can help you boost your creativity? Use our postcode checker to see if we are in your area!

5 Tools to Help You Start A Company of One

Starting a business can be overwhelming, especially if all you have is yourself. From preparing spreadsheets to pitching to the client. Everything should start with yourself. It is an appealing idea for many, but figuring out how to get started will require patience and dedication. 

“It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen” – Scott Blesky 

Building a company will demand you to get ahead, it is as simple as getting started and working with modern tools at your disposal can definitely make it easier.

You just need to make sure you have a sufficient internet connection and you are all set – our GigaFast home product combines ultrafast speeds with a 99.9% target uptime, equipping you with everything you need to make your dreams a reality. 

Ready to go? Here are 5 simple business tools to help you get started.

Keep Track with Geckoboard

Running a business demands focus and Geckoboard can help you with that. This product is a business intelligence tool that specializes in creating dashboards to monitor your most important metrics and key performance indicators of your business. Geckoboard presents your data in an attractive, well-presented overview. 

This tool can help you stay aligned and will be helpful for your future team later on. 

Organise Your Tasks with Zoho Projects

Zoho projects is the ultimate project management tool that’s great for organizing tasks. This business tool helps you plan your projects, track work efficiently and collaborate with your team. 

Not only that, you can also assign responsibilities and let your future team know who’s working on what so each team member is aware of the current progress.

Zoho projects is easy to use and no download is required. All you need is an internet connection and you can register right away. After that, you can create a board for each project such as product development or campaign calendars.

Go Public with Wix

It is critical for businesses to have a website. Online presence is necessary as it promotes awareness and provides clarity of how your business can help them as customers. 

It might seem quite a hassle to create a company website, but we assure you it is not. Wix requires a minimum setup, so you can focus on creating, designing, managing and developing your web presence.

Wix has 500+ customizable website templates that are built to meet your business needs – making the process  professional yet easy with serverless computing and hassle-free coding. 

Automate Your Tasks with Zapier

Zapier is an amazing business tool that can eliminate all the repetitive tasks that slow you down. This is a software tool that connects your apps to automate certain tasks. You can build workflows without writing code meaning you never have to depend on developers for integration. 

Imagine all the apps you use for work talking to each other! You just have to make sure that your internet can run smoothly and the information will automatically move between applications with a central command from Zapier. 

Spend more time on the crucial tasks and let repetitive tasks be a thing of the past.

Build Customer Engagement with Mailchimp

Brand awareness is important, but this doesn’t mean that it can directly lead you to sales. People need trust first, which will require engagement. After gaining prospective clients, you should keep in touch with them, this is where email marketing plays a part. 

Start connecting with your audience through meaningful email content. Mailchimp can help you automate your emails at crucial steps of the buyer journey, so you can easily send out welcome emails, order confirmations, abandoned cart reminders and more. 

This business tool can support your business growth with easy-to-use design tools and flexible templates!

Focus On Being Significant and The Success Will Naturally Follow

Most people want to be successful but aren’t brave enough to make any significant moves. Having a business idea is great, but you need to know how to implement it. You can’t sit on the side-lines waiting and never invest in anything but dreaming about starting a company.

Everything is quite accessible these days, so you just need to make sure your internet connection is fully functioning and undamaged.Checking your broadband speeds is also essential to make sure you can run all the tools stated above. 

But, don’t worry, our ultra-reliable broadband technology can provide you with speeds of up to 930Mbps – up to 20x faster than the UK average.

Again, starting a business will require effort to learn and adapt. Dare to try something new and stop limiting yourself with excuses. 

Go #Gigafast and execute your business plan now. 

Has this blog inspired you to make a move? You can use our postcode checker and see if we are in your area! Still unsure? Take our quick and easy quiz to find out which home broadband package your need.  This way, every single day, you can make sure that what you’re working on is undisrupted.

3 Things the Big Broadband Providers Don’t Want You to Know

Big broadband providers can be well known for their broken promises and shady contracts. It is often that they will say one thing, but it means another. This is where Gigabit comes in…

While you could always switch to Gigabit Networks for a hassle-free, price fixed contract, we know sometimes people are stuck in their broadband contracts for months or even years without the option to switch. 

So, if you’re currently in a contract and can’t switch to Gigabit, or looking at a contract with one of the big providers, we’ve put together a list of 3 things they don’t want you to know. 

We hope these tips can help you to better understand broadband contracts and where you can get caught out.

The ‘working hours’ trick 

Big providers such as Virgin are well-known for using the ‘working hours’ trick. By using this, broadband providers can offer a ‘72 working hours fix’ or ’48 working hours install’ this way it may look as though you can expect your fix in 3 days or install in two days.

This is a simple way that providers will attempt to catch you out. In reality, a 72 working hour fix equates to about 9 days, which of course they wouldn’t want to tell you.

So, while you may enter your contract thinking the wait times will be reasonable, when the time for your fix comes, you will quickly realise that your provider has used sly wording to catch you out!

They’re selling you ‘fibre broadband’ that isn’t really fibre broadband

Big providers love to throw the term ‘fibre broadband’ around. 

As a consumer, it’s hard to know about all of the complicated telecommunication’s jargon, so of course, you’re going to take what the big brands say as the truth.

Actually, fibre broadband as you know it, is probably what we like to call ‘fake fibre’. 

Fake fibre uses a part-fibre connection where the cabling from the exchange to the street cabinet is made from fibre and the cabling from the street cabinet to your home is actually copper. This intereferes with your connection, slows it down and shares it with your street.

The CityFibre infrastructure (used by Gigabit Networks) is completely made up of pure fibre, all the way from the exchange and straight to your home. 

Pure fibre is where the true magic happens and where you can get insanely fast speeds that also reduce your impact on the environment! 

For more on the relation between pure fibre and the environment read our blog Purefibre broadband – your path to a greener home

Your monthly bill is probably going to increase

You’re not naïve for thinking that the price you agree to pay for your broadband per month would stay the same throughout your entire contract. 

Of course, prices may increase in line with inflation when you switch to a new contract but surely the big providers wouldn’t just bump costs up on you mid-contract?

Unfortunately, they would…

In fact, this has probably happened to you already. 

As of the 1st of April, you may have noticed your broadband or mobile bill increase by as much as 11% due to inflation rates.

If you want to know if your provider can do this or not it’s important to read your terms and conditions. If you agree to the terms and conditions of a contract that states that it may increase your bill, then unfortunately you must pay that increase.

Certain providers, including us, have a promise that we won’t increase your prices mid-contract. That means, no matter what, you can expect to pay the exact same bill every month. No uncertainty. No sly contracts. Just good, honest speeds.

Check your postcode now

Virtual things you can do this April

April is here. The clocks have gone forwards and British summer time has now started which means more bank holidays, more school holidays and more time to keep entertained!

Sometimes being out all the time can be draining or maybe, as it starts to get hot, the outside weather just isn’t for you. Plus, with the cost of living rising, it isn’t realistic to have big trips and days out planned for every weekend in summer. 

That’s why we’ve decided to pull together a list of a few virtual ways you can entertain yourself this April. With the easter holidays fast approaching it can be hectic trying to think of how to keep yourself and the kids entertained. Well, with a GigaFast Home connection and this handy list, this summer doesn’t need to be expensive or boring.

New Netflix shows

There are plenty of new shows on Netflix this April. Ozark – a thrilling crime drama – is returning for a final part this April, and with 4 seasons already available to watch it’s definitely one to binge. 

And for the true-crime junkies there are multiple new true-crime documentaries coming to Netflix this month with focuses ranging from John Wayne Gacy to Marilyn Monroe.

Plus, if your kids are big Netflix fans too, there are plenty of new releases for kids of all ages too – from a new Beyblade release to a new season of CoComelon.

Online courses

If you or the kids have some free time this April why not spend it learning something new? MOOC stands for massive open online courses, and they are a great way to learn new skills no matter your age.

You can find MOOCs in subjects from computer science to humanities to engineering. There really is something for everyone. is a great way to find free and cheap MOOCS. Udemy also offers a range of coding for kids courses and tutorials.

Virtual museums

On the topic of learning, virtual museum tours are a great option to soak in everything it is you can learn from a museum without the overwhelming stress of planning a whole day trip. 

Google Arts and Culture offers virtual exhibits with pictures and videos from over 2000 museums around the world. It is available on web, IOS and android – making art and culture way more accessible.

The page also features interactive games which allow you to immerse yourself in different cultures whilst also learning and having fun. 

AirBnB online experiences

More commonly known for its wide range of places to stay all over the world, AirBnB also boasts a new way to discover the world from your own home.

AirBnB experiences are live videos sessions allowing you to affordably experience things that otherwise you may not have had access to. It is a great way to soak up cultures from all around the world without having to worry about paying for a plane ticket.

Experiences available range massively! You can take cocktail masterclasses, meditate with a Japanese Buddhist, go on a wildlife safari in South Africa, dive under the sea with a shark expert and even do a haunted mansion escape room. 

Experiences range in prices from around £12 per person to £70 per person, there is something for every price range and every interest, go take a look.

How the work environment has changed since the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has disrupted and reshaped every aspect of life over the past 2 years, and the impact that it has had on businesses has been significant, forcing people to stay away from the office and embrace remote working.

The pandemic has provided companies with a clear understanding of what flexible working can do, as for many, it will now be apparent that they don’t need the office space and can continue working from home. 

Right now, about 4.3 million employees work from home at least half the time, and that number is likely to increase rapidly in the coming years.

So, why is a good work-life balance so important?

One of the biggest problems employees have faced while working from home is setting suitable boundaries between their working day and their home life. 

As traditional business hours have gone out of the window. These days, some people are either working early in the morning, late at night or even on a weekend.

Whilst working from home can be great, there are many challenges that can arise from it, like never-ending stress and overworking – which can have an overall negative impact on your wellbeing. 

However, getting the balance right can have a lot of benefits such as: increasing productivity and efficiency, reducing stress, and saving you and your business a lot of money.  

Many employees and business owners alike have been working from home since the outbreak. According to a study, remote employees work 1.4 more days per month than their office-based colleagues, resulting in more than three additional weeks of work per year.

Now imagine all your employees doing this.

In a work week, those who work from home are more consistent, work more hours and get more done and performance can be increased up to 13% – as people are taking fewer breaks, have less distractions and have fewer sick days. 

The same study showed that work satisfaction and attrition rates were cut by 50%.

What can Gigabit Networks do to help? 

Gigabit Networks offers ultrafast and ultra-reliable home broadband so that we can help make working from home that whole lot easier. Interested to find out more or want to talk to a member of the team? Click here to get in touch.

How your SME can harness the power of the cloud – 3 important tools

In 2022 your small business must be digitally optimised, so if you aren’t already utilising the Cloud then why haven’t you caught up?

Getting used to new tech can be daunting at first, but the advantages the Cloud can have for your businesses are endless, and so many cloud-based tools are free. All you need is a good internet connection – but we’ve got you sorted there.

What is the Cloud?

In the digital space when we talk about the Cloud, we don’t mean the ones in the sky! 

The tech industry tends to make the Cloud sound like some ominous out-of-reach being that is far beyond anyone’s understanding – certainly not something to be used by a small business such as yours.

Realistically the Cloud is much less daunting than it seems. It is essentially a term for services and software run on the internet rather than being run on your computer, however most cloud services can be accessed through your computer aswell.

It’s likely you’re already using some Cloud services without knowing it. Tools such as Dropbox and Google Drive are well-known cloud services that many people and businesses use. 

Well, what can the Cloud do for my business?

Whether you’re an e-commerce business or you have a physical shop – there’s something the cloud can do for all of us. It could be organisation, back-ups or implementing a hybrid working model – the Cloud can help you do it all.

From accessing programmes to storing data, the uses of the Cloud are endless and can be very overwhelming. 

We have decided to handpick our top 3 Cloud tools that will help your small business get started. Couple these tools with a GigaFast connection and you’ll have everything you need to digitally optimise your small business.

Cloud storage – Google Drive

Cloud storage is where data and applications are stored on separate servers and accessed via the internet. 

This means you no longer have to worry about your computer or phone having enough storage, or a certain document only being on one device, the Cloud has that handled for you!

Having a Cloud storage solution also means you don’t ever have to worry about losing data or information, everything is stored away in the cloud where you can access it 24/7. 

You also won’t have to worry about massive filing cabinets or extra office space just for information, digital storage is the future.

Our favourite cloud storage tool is Google Drive. It is free to use and allows you to store files across all your devices in a simple and easy-to-use interface. These files can also be shared with team members or kept private if needed. A much easier alternative to passing papers around in meetings.

SaaS – Google Workspace

SaaS means software-as-a-service and is the future of working in the post-covid world. 

SaaS platforms will enable your business to function from your business site, from home or from anywhere in the world (as long as you have a device and a stable internet connection). 

Our favourite SaaS tool is the Google Workspace, you’re probably already aware of a few aspects of this suite of tools. It includes popular apps such as Gmail and Google Calendar. Google drive is also a part of Google Workspace – it’s amazing how much everything in the Cloud links together!

Google Workspace also includes other applications such as google docs, google sheets, google slides, google forms, google meets and more.

All of your work within these applications can sync up in your google drive and you can collaborate with other members of your team at any time. It is essentially a virtual workspace, making home and hybrid working so much easier – and best of all, it’s free!

Cloud hosting

Now, this tool may not be 100% relevant to every small business but if your website is giving you trouble, or if you find yourself with larger spikes of visitors, cloud website hosting might be the solution for you. 

This also might be a solution to think about for the future. As your small business grows, you’re going to need to eventually have a website with a larger capacity.

With shared website hosting, (what most people use) your server may be slow as it is shared with others. 

With dedicated hosting, you get an entire server to yourself, but as you can imagine, the costs aren’t very small business-friendly.

With cloud hosting, your website is hosted in the cloud – with virtual server space. This means bandwidth is spread across multiple servers essentially ruling out many issues that you may find with other web hosting alternatives. This solution is especially great if you use e-commerce.

Our favourite cloud hosting tool is Hostinger. At just £7.99 a month on a 48-month plan, their prices are extremely small business-friendly and they offer unlimited bandwidth, fast server speeds and an excess of other features.

Purefibre broadband – your path to a greener home

In 2022 it’s pretty safe to say we’re all somewhat environmentally conscious. And rightly so. 

As we all search for new hassle-free ways to stay as sustainable as possible, without disrupting our daily lives too much, it’s a surprise that not many people know your internet choice can contribute to your carbon footprint. 

The main two types of broadband that will be available to you as a normal consumer will be part-fibre and pure fibre. A part-fibre connection uses fibre cabling from the exchange to the street cabinet and then copper from the cabinet to your home. Pure fibre however, uses fibre cabling from the exchange, straight to you.

At Gigabit Networks, we use a pure fibre connection to bring you the fastest speeds of up to 930Mbps, at an amazing price of just £49 per month, if you’re not convinced yet, you will be soon…

Now, why is all this important? Fibre cabling and copper cabling, it probably doesn’t mean much to you, it all gets you a connection after all.

Reducing your energy consumption

Well, according to Otelco, by using light transmission, fibre cabling uses up to 12x less energy than copper cabling. 

The fact that copper cabling uses up more energy also means it emits more energy as heat – creating the need for massive cooling systems to prevent overheating. These cooling systems alone also use massive amounts of electricity. 

So already, by making the switch to Gigabit pure fibre you’re expending up to 12x less energy. While getting a faster service!

Reducing your greenhouse gas production

Another great feature of fibre is the fact it has way less of a contribution to greenhouse gas emissions than copper cabling does.

The American Consumer published a study estimating that if pure fibre cabling was more extensively adopted – we would see the incremental reduction of over a billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions over ten years. 

It is commonly known that the greenhouse effect is a massive contributor to climate change – so the fact that your choice of internet provider could influence this (however small that influence may be) is amazing.

Discouraging copper mining

You may or may not know that the mining of copper is also massively harmful to the Earth. 

The process used for the extraction of copper uses harmful sulphuric acid which creates mists that can obliterate crops and reduce the quality of the land, meaning crops may never grow there again.

Copper extraction is also thought to be a leading contributor to acid rain. The EPA has plenty of educational resources on how acid rain can harm fish and wildlife, kill trees, and even affect human health. 

The possibilities with pure fibre are endless!

By now you probably know exactly why a full-fibre connection is the key to a greener home. But there’s so much more out there.

We encourage you to go and do your own research on why fibre cabling is better for the earth. While you’re there you’ll probably also learn about how much faster it is, how much more reliable it is and how it is absolutely future proof!

Check your availability now to get GigaFast and do your bit for the environment. 

Start the year as you mean to go on: #GetFitWithGiga

Here at Gigabit Networks, we’re all about bringing value to the communities that we operate in (see our story for more on this). 

That’s why this month we’ve partnered up with Physique Evolution & BaD radio in Derby to bring you a chance to win a 3-month gym membership (worth £120) – for free!

Why Physique Evolution?

Physique Evolution is a privately run gym with a small team – don’t be mistaken though – they are serious about their craft and aim to offer an unrivalled experience. 

The gym is based in Derby city centre making it easily accessible and is 13,000 square foot split across two floors. 

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just starting out, there is something for everyone at physique evolution. 

Their classes range from Pilates to conditioning sessions and they have a range of personal trainers ready to help you meet your goals. 

Kit demos can also be found on their Instagram highlights to help any nervous newcomers and inductions can also be booked to help you find your feet. 

With Gigabit and Physique Evolution by your side you can improve both your internet speeds and your physical health this year. 

And whether you’re working out or working from home, you can tune into BaD radio to get your fix of Burton and Derby’s favourite hits!

With at-home working on the rise it’s important to take extra care of yourself outside of work.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, Physique Evolution has everything in place to help you have the best gym experience possible. 

It’s never too late to start your new year’s resolution and #GetFitWithGiga. 

So, head over to BaD radio to get involved. You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain!

T&Cs: Entrants must be 18 and over.

Competition closes March 31st

Why Price Transparency Is So Important

Over 9 million consumers in the UK are unaware that their broadband bills are set to heighten in the next 2 months according to the latest study by Hyperoptic.  

You may have been with your current provider for several years, comfortable even, with your bill. As customers, changes with your contract can sometimes be the last thing you want to hear about. 

Unfortunately, as the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation has increased, 56% of UK broadband providers are having to raise their ‘in contract’ prices. This means your bill may cost up to £10 more than your original monthly fee! 

The price adjustments have been said to start from the 31st of March this year. To find out if your provider is implementing these changes, click here.  

Do not worry, for every problem, there is a solution. 

When new expenses are introduced, it may seem stressful, especially if the added costs are not within your budget.  

Luckily, not every supplier of internet connection is upping their price. At Gigabit Networks, we prioritise being price transparent and consistent. 

We know that every person has a budget they can meet and sustain. So, when you use our internet services, there are no unexpected changes you need to look out for.  

Your contract price, no matter the deal you choose will remain fixed. From the start of your contract to its end, there are no adjustments made.  

The same consistency even applies to our contract period. All our customers are given an 18-month contract package. It is the perfect middle ground- not too long or too short for you to figure out if Gigabit broadband is the right one for you.   

Not only do we value your price concerns, but which internet services meet your needs best.  

Read our previous blog here to find out which products we offer and see if it suits your household.  

Are you ‘out of contract’? 

In December 2021, a study by Ofcom also discovered that more than 22 million broadband customers are out of contract.  

What does this mean? 

Your initial contract period has finished and as a result, you might be paying much more for your service than you need to.   

From the 15th of February, all network providers are required to notify their customers when their contract ends. If you are already aware that you are out of contract, now is the perfect time to scour the best deals for you so you can save money.  

Affordable and reliable internet connectivity 

Gigabit Networks offers home broadband starting at £49 a month. You can head over to our website now to select the package you want and check if we are in your area here.  

To stay updated on more connectivity tips, information, and giveaways we have coming follow us on our socials (see buttons below). 

We use PureFibre internet connection – broadband that is not only ultrafast but ultra-reliable.  

Never accept changes that aren’t benefitting you.  

Choosing The Right Product For You

Are you thinking of switching to Gigabit home broadband?

Sometimes switching can be a stressful process. You might have transferred before and felt disappointed after realising the broadband package you ordered did not satisfy all your needs.

Instead, you were dealing with:

  • Slow speeds when you have been promised fast connectivity.
  • Price changes in your contract and its way above what it started as.
  • Constant outages at critical times during your day.

We know all these things make it difficult to trust and find the network that best suits you and your household.

In the last two years, the number of people switching their network providers has surged with more of us working from home. See here for the full figures.

Home broadband is an essential system we all need to function in the fast-paced technological world we live in. Which is why, switching providers should never be a hassle but rather an exciting, stress-free venture to a better and more reliable broadband.

At Gigabit we want to be your final resolution.

For home broadband users we offer two products: GigaFast Home and  GigaFast Pro.

There are no price changes in your fixed contract no matter what product you choose. With other bills to think about we make sure your broadband is the last thing, you have to worry about.

Both of our products use Pure Fibre, which you may be wondering what it that and how does it work?

Pure Fibre, also known as Full Fibre, is the fastest form of internet. Through fibre optic cables, Pure Fibre transfers connection at lightning-fast speeds directly to your home.

Slow download speeds and buffering are no longer on your list of concerns or unfilled needs. Gigabit Networks supply speeds up to 20 times faster than the UK average to give you ease when you are working from home, face-timing family or friends and even enjoying a movie night in.

So, which product is the one for you?

GigaFast Home is well-suited for small households looking to have reliable internet service on a day-to-day basis. Only £49 per month over an 18-month contract, you can have 930Mbps download speeds and 100Mbps uploads.  This means, up to 10 internet-connected devices can enjoy faster regular downloads and HD streaming.

For larger households, homeworkers, and gamers, we recommend GigaFast Pro. Same download speeds but higher upload speeds to match the bandwidths you need to do more. With more than 10 device allowance, everyone at home can stream and stay productive. Priced at a monthly fee of £69 for 18 months, GigaFast Pro is the ultra-fast and ultra-reliable internet for tech-savvy and bandwidth-crazy users.

Switching with ease

Even though our up-time key is 99.9% across all our services, we make sure from the day of your installation to your last contracted day, you can count on us. If anything seems unusual, our guarantee next business day response will ensure any queries you have are answered and resolved.

To select your ideal product and switch to Gigabit Networks use our postcode checker now and see if we are in your area! Still unsure? Take our quick and easy quiz to find out which home broadband package your need.