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How ultrafast broadband can drive more business: the shift to e-commerce

According to Nasdaq research, by 2040 95% of purchases will be online. This may be a shock to small businesses. Luckily, we have about 18 years to adjust!

Now we can probably say we saw this coming, most of us can see the slow but sure shift to e-commerce where convenience and speed is a priority. This has only been catalysed by the pandemic where customers boosted amazon’s profits by 220%.

So, going digital now might just give you the edge you need against your competitors – don’t wait till 2040. The internet is inevitably going to open your business up to more customers and make your product/service accessible to all.

So how can my SME make the jump to digital?

Finding a platform

In a world so dominated by e-commerce, there’s going to be competition, but there will also be a larger customer base. You can choose to build this customer base through selling platforms such as Amazon, eBay or Etsy or you can create this customer base yourself by building your own selling platform and attracting audience through digital marketing. 

Eventually, businesses making enough sales tend to migrate to their own site rather than using a selling platform anyway – this way they can cut out the high charges that these platforms tend to add so consider this when choosing your platform.

Examples of great platforms to create your own store include sites such as WixShopify and Squarespacewhere you can build your store, add plugins and track progress.

Once you’ve found your preferred platform you can begin to build your store. 

To maintain this store, you should of course consider the business connection you’re using – downtime can be bad for business and somebody needs to be available as much as possible to answer potential customer queries and track orders as 82% of consumers expect a response within 5 minutes via live online chats.

GigaFast Business Fibre is the perfect product for e-commerce – we can ensure your store stays online with our 99.95% SLA and next business day fix. The ROI (return on investment) is massive at just £99 per month for 1Gbps symmetrical speeds.

Digital Marketing

Now you have your platform and a reliable connection to keep it running you need to consider digital marketing if you haven’t already. 

If you’re not in a position to employ a digital marketer to help you out, consider taking a free digital marketing course – like this one from Hubspot – to help you learn how to get your product/service out to the right people. You could also cut costs by finding a freelance marketer on sites such as Fiverr.

If you employ the right marketing strategy alongside a few well thought out ads, you will start to see revenue in no time.

So how does all of this relate to superfast broadband?

To make things easier to understand, imagine your (potential) e-commerce business is a plant. Broadband is like water. Ultrafast broadband, however, is like water infused with fertiliser and nutrients.

Ultrafast broadband, like GigaFast Business Fibre, is going to have everything you need to facilitate the growth of this e-commerce business, your options will be limitless and you won’t be held back by what you can get away with on a tiny bandwidth.

A fast and reliable service will inevitably feed straight into customer experience as well. If your customer service staff are struggling to respond to customer queries due to long loading times or your connection cutting out altogether, customers may not return.

Innovation opportunities are also limitless. Live streaming is a relatively new avenue in digital marketing which engages customers and communicates the value of products. Customers won’t get a good impression if the live stream is constantly buffering. 

So, stay ahead of the times, don’t get left behind. 

Make the shift to e-commerce today and switch to a Gigabit Business Fibre connection – we won’t let you down.

Our top 5 digital tools that your small business needs

Starting and maintaining a small business is a tough job and with the massive digitization we’ve seen after COVID, small business owners need to figure out how to keep up.

There is an abundance of digital tools out there and sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to dedicate your time to. That’s why we’ve decided to put together our 10 favourite digital tools that have helped grow Gigabit Networks from the ground up!

These tools combined with our GigaFast Business Fibre product will set you up for success. Ultrafast, ultra-reliable internet speeds and a streamlined and organised working process will help any small business to flourish. 


For a small business – organisation is everything. Keeping organised will help you to stay on top of tasks and optimise productivity. It’s very easy for smaller tasks written on a random piece of paper to be forgotten or lost.

With Trello, you’ll never have to worry about organising your tasks again. Trello allows you to designate certain tasks to cards and organise these cards onto boards. This way you can organise your to-do list for the week or set certain goals for the year.

Trello also allows collaboration so you can see what other team members are working on or work on tasks together with colleagues. 

Price: as a small business you will probably only ever need the free version of Trello. However, they do have a premium package with a few extra perks for $10 per month which is great for teams of up to 100.


Video conferencing is massively important for any small business in 2022. Simple phone calls are now a thing of the past – Zoom is the new way to remotely run your small business and catch up with colleagues and employees. 

Zoom has plenty of great features that make it 10x better than a normal call. You’re able to share your screen so that you can do sales pitches remotely or collaborate with team members on a piece of work. 

Zoom also allows for meeting to be recorded meaning if a colleague can’t make it, they can still catch up.

Price: Zoom has a free package where you can host up to 100 participants for 40 minutes or a one-to-one meeting for up to 30 hours. If you think you’ll need a little more than this then the zoom pro package is £119.90 per year and allows hosting of up to 100 participants for up to 30 hours as well as a few added extras.


As a small business, it isn’t always cost-effective to outsource your design work, sometimes you just have to get it done yourself. That’s why Canva is perfect. 

Combining a simple-to-use interface with plenty of widgets, templates and even some royalty-free images, Canva allows even the most novice graphic designers to create logos, social posts, and campaigns.

Price: The free version of Canva is great, it has hundreds of thousands of templates and photos and allows for collaboration. Canva pro, however, combines all of the great features of the free version with millions of stock photos, videos, audio and graphics. As well as plenty of other great features to make graphic design so much easier – all for just £10.99 a month. 


WordPress is a high-quality tool allowing users to create blogs or websites. It is by-far the most popular tool of it’s type and appeals to so many different online spaces.

WordPress also has free plugins and themes to make the process of website and blog creation so much easier and compatible with other online domains.

Price: WordPress does have a free package, but their business package is perfect for small businesses. For just £27 a month it allows hosting, payment collection, premium themes, google analytics integration and so much more!

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is the perfect tool for engaging with your customers and allows for the automation of so many processes that are usually mundane and tedious. They also have excellent customer service options via chat and email support.

Active Campaign’s email marketing feature allows you to hand-create customised email campaigns with an immense amount of detail. As a small business, email marketing should be a key part of your strategy; it is free after all!

The CRM and sales automation feature of Active Campaign also allows you to manage all your contacts in one place, which is so important for organisation and productivity.

Price: Billed monthly an Active Campaign lite subscription will cost $15/mo. This covers 500 contacts and includes loads of helpful features such as over 100 email templates, over 500 automation recipes and unlimited email sending.