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The 3 best new games Coming out this July

June 30, 2022
Antonio Rouxinol
Gigabit Ultra Reliable Full Fibre Broadband

July… The month everybody can finally start enjoying the summer and maybe even get ready for some holidays! 

However, as normal, there still are some new games coming this month that we’re excited to introduce to you.

Not all of these games require an internet connection to play online. However, for those, Gigabit can be crucial to download them as fast as possible – without having to turn off any other device in your household. As for the games that are online, gigabit will allow you to have the highest speeds in your lobby, giving you low latency, low ping and the best shot at topping the leaderboards.

So, this month, we introduce you to 3 different games to #GameWithGiga.

F1 2022

If you are a true Formula 1 fan, you’ve probably been waiting all year for this game.

In F1 2022 players will be able to race with their favourite drivers in their favourite cars whilst engaging in the competitive Formula 1 world.

This trailer shows you what you can expect from the game. Furthermore, you will be able to play it on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

This fast-paced game allows you to play online and compete against other players. For this, EA advises a stable internet connection so that you can enjoy the game at its full potential. 

Gigabit, gives you up to 930Mbps download and upload speeds allowing for a seamless gaming experience.


Are you a cat lover? 

Then, this is the perfect game for you. 

This adventure game, in a third-person format, with open-world elements, allows you to explore a world full of robots from a cat’s point of view.

In this trailer, you can get an idea of the gameplay you can expect from this game, that will be playable on PC and Playstation.

GigaFast connection would be the perfect pairing with this game. Allowing you to download the game as fast as possible without having to turn off  or sacrifice the speed of any of your other household devices.

Digimon Survive

Almost everyone has watched Digimon as a kid, which is what makes this game so much more exciting!

You will be able to travel back to your childhood and play Digimon Survive in a survival strategy role-play world, where the choices you make influence the storyline.

This trailer shows you how the game was developed and what you can expect from it. And better yet, this game will be accessible to so many as you can play it on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, PC and Xbox.

After all this, we can confidently say that July is a good month for gaming, and with our services expanding to Nottingham, Wolverhampton and Leicester – there’s no better time to #GameWithGiga.

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