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Who are the Midlands’ internet sensations? 

May 19, 2022
Antonio Rouxinol
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The Midlands is the home region of many prodigies in a wide variety of sectors. People like Sir David Attenborough, Sir Richard Attenborough, Martin Johnson and even Graham Chapman.  

In this blog, we introduce 3 prodigies of the internet generation for you to follow and keep your eyes peeled on. 


At the age of 14 years old, TommyInnit uploaded his first video on YouTube and now, on this platform, he has 11.6 million subscribers. Despite often uploading gaming videos like Minecraft, he also likes to deliver other types of content more related to comedy, having been also present in some of the ‘Sidemen’ videos.  

Moreover, TommyInnit regularly streams on Twitch, playing games like Minecraft, PUBG and Fortnite, having 7 million followers on the platform. 

This young prodigy of the East Midlands has broken some world records such as having the most viewed Minecraft gameplay on Twitch and the most followed Minecraft channel on the same platform. Furthermore, this year, he received The Streamer Awards in the Best Minecraft Streamer category. 


Whilst studying at De Montfort University BSc (Hons) Multimedia Computing, SuperSaf started his YouTube channel that now, counts 1.86 million subscribers, being one of the largest tech reviewers in the UK.   

In his early YouTube days, he only reviewed DSLR and mirrored cameras, however, now, he reviews all sorts of technology: phones, tablets, cameras and computers, seen as a very credible source of information in the tech space.  

SuperSaf is also involved in numerous charity campaigns and has received a handful of awards due to the great work he’s done on and off the web. 


After studying at the University of Warwick, completing his degree in Economics with first-class honours, Mrwhosetheboss focused 100% on YouTube, delivering technology content, doing unboxings, and reviewing products.  

Now he has 10.5M subscribers, counts with over a Billion views on the platform and was awarded as the “UK’s Best Tech Youtuber”, working alongside many other YouTubers and featured in news outlets such as BBC, Business Insider and The Huffington Post. 

The Midlands is rich with talent. And these are only some of the most gifted persons that the Midlands has to offer across the tech landscape. Let us know on social media, by sharing this blog, other brilliant youtubers and tech-influencers that we have around here! 

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