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Why home-workers need full-fibre

September 23, 2022
Acacia Henry
Gigabit Ultra Reliable Full Fibre Broadband

Full-Fibre gives you the freedom to really work from home. But how?

Remote work is now more common than ever, with millions around the world joining zoom calls, sharing files and co-creating on the cloud every single day. 

And with 65% of Homeworkers saying they would feel more productive in a home office than a normal office but the average home broadband speed in the UK being 64Mbps, it’s obvious that productivity isn’t always possible.

With full-fibre broadband (FTTP), users can expect 10 to 15 times faster speeds than other service types with speeds up to 1Gb whereas standard fibre broadband speeds average at around 67Mbps (download).

But how much speed do homeworkers really need?


With full-fibre speeds (1000Mbps up, 1000Mbps down), no download or upload will take longer than two minutes. With 100Mbps download speeds (higher than the national average) downloads can be relatively fast but uploads can take over two hours – which is hardly efficient.

When working from home, for peak productivity, home-workers want to be able to download, upload, join calls, co-create and more with the same speeds that they would expect in an office. At home this is only achievable with full-fibre as large office buildings typically use dedicated ethernet services which can deliver speeds of up to 10Gbps.

What can GigaFast Broadband do for homeworkers?

Make homeworking work for you with our tailored packages. 

GigaFast Home offers download speeds up to 900Mbps and upload speeds up to 100Mbps at a lower price, still allowing users to have 100+ devices connected and work from home efficiently. 

GigaFast Pro is our premium product which offers 900Mbps download AND upload speeds, for those bandwidth hungry households that need the fastest speeds available. This product means you can do everything you would with gigafast home, with an extra boost on your upload speeds – which is perfect for livestreaming or calls and conferences.

If you’re a homeworker looking to boost your productivity, an entrepreneur looking to start your own business or a small business owner that works from home – GigaFast broadband is the perfect fit for you. Check your availability today.

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