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Why it’s time to add connectivity

December 20, 2023
Olutayo Afelumo
Gigabit Ultra Reliable Full Fibre Broadband

Broadband—it’s an essential part of modern-day life and part of the foundations of every business. So, it begs the question: Should MSPs be selling connectivity to their customers? The answer is a resounding yes, and here’s why.

As an MSP, you’re uniquely positioned to harness the benefits of a connectivity arm. I’m going to share with you why you should be adding connectivity to your product portfolio, the benefits for both MSPs and their customers, and how Gigabit Networks provide the support to make it happen.

Let’s jump straight in.

1. It’s another revenue stream

As an MSP, you might already be providing your customers with IT, cybersecurity, telecoms, or all the above. You already understand the IT landscape and the role that connectivity plays, and you’ve honed the skills to effectively manage your MSP services. This makes adding connectivity the next logical step!

Connectivity isn’t a complicated product to onboard for new customers, and armed with your industry experience, you can start reaping the benefits of additional revenue with minimal effort.

2. You will be offering a better service

Each company will have unique requirements, but every business needs connectivity that supports their business activity. By providing businesses with options for all-fibre FTTP and Ethernet connectivity, you’re elevating their security and their services.

Offering leased line connectivity delivers uncontended internet (and peace of mind) to your customers, and this is a big sell for data-hungry companies that want airtight security.

As we’ve already touched on, you might be providing other technology services already, so adding connectivity means you’re offering an even better, centralised service.

3. Fewer support tickets

If you’re selling cloud services, you’re selling services that depend on reliable internet access. How often does an IT support ticket surface that’s rooted in poor connectivity or bandwidth? We’re guessing you’ve encountered your fair share. But the good news is – you can prevent this. By providing your customer’s connectivity solution, you’re one step ahead of the troubleshooting; this means reduced support tickets and less resource expenditure.

4. Attracting new business and cross-selling opportunities

You’ve invested time, energy, and resources into your customer relationships. All the hard work has been done; now it’s time to leverage the trusted relationships and established customer base.

Your current customers become viable sales prospects that are already down the funnel, providing the opportunity for an easier sale. As a known entity, you’re the natural choice for those considering a connectivity upgrade and can continue to keep customers happy (long-term!).

Customers want an easy life, and you want an easy sale. Connectivity meets the needs of both sides of the table. Products such as telecoms and IT are multi-layered and often a more considered purchase. So, when it comes to attracting new customers, leading with telecoms can be tricky.

By contrast, connectivity is less complicated and daunting. Customers can be resistant to change when it comes to their sole communication system, whereas a broadband connection is far less personal.  Adding connectivity is a quicker and easier sale that requires less back and forth with a new customer, and with the added benefit of quick deployment time, there’s a lot to shout about.

Why choose Gigabit Networks?

Here at Gigabit Networks, we understand the connectivity landscape, and we take our partnerships seriously. A true partnership is not just about making a sale; it is also about supporting you to grow and be successful.

Here are just a few ways we provide value and support to our MSPs:

  • We offer tailored sales and marketing packages, so you’re never left on your own.
  • We will be your single point of contact, making communications and support requests easy.
  • We provide a simple, future-proof all-fibre product range that delivers true reliability.
  • We take a hands-on approach and provide support where you need it; we’ll even knock on doors for you!

Final thoughts

We’re on your team, one point of contact, building a trusting relationship that drives success. Don’t miss out on the opportunity connectivity provides. If you’re ready to start generating more revenue and strengthening your relationship with your customers, chat to our team and request a partner pack.

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